The brutal trauma of Britney Spears scares her from music

“My life was controlled by too many people and that doesn’t really let you be yourself.” –  Britney Spears

It is not possible to talk about pop music and not mention the pop princess, Britney Spears. From singing at the age of 3 in the church to giving her first public performance at 5, she couldn’t be stopped since then. This lady is a true inspiration for the youth out there. The renowned personality of America is famous for her singing, dancing and acting skills. Not just winning hearts with her singing, Britney Spears expanded her career in writing at the time when she just amazed her fans and followers through her spectacular writing in her first book, ‘Britney Spears’ Heart to Heart’.

A free-spirited soul and mom of two, Britney got herself freed from the court-imposed arrangement of the year 2008, as her fight of 13 years against her conservatorship finally came to an end last month. Struggling for 13 years to get her own rights for her life, the termination of the conservatorship gave her freedom from her controlling father, Jamie Spears who was the conservator of her estate and was assaulting her own daughter for finance, according to Britney.

Britney spears

Britney Spears is an artist who started performing at the age of 5. she is also knwon as the ‘Pop Princess’.

There are many times in the world of entertainment when controversies take place, publicity stunts are performed and what not. But this was the time, when not just the audience but the mega-stars also came forward in support of Britney Spears to help her get freedom from the harassment she was facing with the #FreeBritney movement.
#FreeBritney movement has led not only fans but also many mega stars to blame the family for being controlling and exploiting Britney financially in the name of protection. In her recent post on Instagram, Spears gave a hint that she is not ready to return to making music after 13 years under conservatorship. Was her struggle during the same so traumatizing for her?
Recovering from her struggles faced during the conservatorship, Britney mentioned a long note explaining how things actually went down for her in the past 13 years of the arrangement. The singer has mentioned how the conservatorship took away the control of her personal and professional life as she was not allowed to do one thing she has been doing all her life, music. She singer also mentioned how scared she is now of the entertainment business and the people.

britney spears

In an Instagram post, Britney Spears shared her trauma that she faced during the conservatorship.

Explaining the reason why the Grammy winner is not ready to return to the music industry, Britney shared her trauma during the conservatorship and mentioned how her family abused her, which has now caused her to stay away from the music industry. Britney also said that not getting back to music is her way to lash her family in her post. Although, that doesn’t mean that the Pop-princess is not trying to self-heal herself, as she is giving time to some of her future projects. Britney has plans on getting out of her comfort zone but she wants to maintain boundaries. Her goal for 2022 is to push herself a bit more to do things that scare her.

However, the pop singer has unfollowed her sister Jamie Lynn on Instagram. Does that mean Britney Spears has cut all ties with her sister amid the ongoing family rift?