5 top Hollywood controversial celebrity scandals

Kardashian known to be controversial queen, but this article will shock you with other celebrity controversy!!

In Hollywood industry controversy and rumours happens often. But, the actual event of controversy sometimes gets unnoticed by the audience. Kim Kardashian also known for her controversy does surprise us with shocking events, but this article includes other interesting celebrities!

Celebrities whom you listened to often or watch them act, but did not knew about their hidden controversial life. Some of these celebrities made loud noises in their era, lets revert back to juicy and shocking controversy of Hollywood celebrities.



  • Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna.

Chris brown and Rihanna after their grammy award.

Chris Brown and Rihanna were publicly seen together in 2006. This rapper couple exposed some violating controversy. In 2009 when the couple was returning from the Grammy award show, they sat in the car to return home. Though Chris does not expose the fight reason, their fight got so violating that Rihanna grabbed his crotch and he hit her back. She tried to scream out for help, but Chris grabbed her back. After the Grammy Rihanna was so badly hit and beaten that Chris went through heavy penalties.

This fight was quite brutal and he undergoes through five years of probation and six months of community service. Chris brown the American singer has to go through 1 year of domestic violence counseling. In 2009 Chris Brown and Rihanna were no longer in the relationship.



Travis scott concert led to a huge number of deaths.


Travis scott astra world concert and 8 people found dead!

Travis Scott an American singer, was nominated for Grammy awards. Travis Scott announced an Astro world concert in Texas which took place on Friday in 2021. Travis Scott’s concert led to the deaths of fans, in extreme amounts around 8 people were announced dead, which shook Travis’s career line. This concert was surfaced a lot in the media.

How did it happen? In Texas, at NRG park a lot of fans nearly 50,000 people were gathered for the concert. Suddenly a wave of the push came to fans, from front to back. Some fans fell, it was quite suffocating that people were not able to breathe. It was so crowded, that people climbed up to the stage and even though fans were shouting to stop the concert, no guards took any action. Around 8 people were dead, and an ambulance came there, but Travis Scott did not stop the concert.



  •  Jennifer Lawrence nudes got leaked!

Hunger games, lawerence nude pictures got hacked and leaked.

During the period of 2014, many Hollywood women celebrities’ photos were leaked in the media. One of them was Jennifer Lawrence who is also known as the actress in hunger games, this nudity scandal took another turn when Lawrence spoke about it in an interview.

According to her interview, she reveals that she was in a healthy long-distance relationship with someone for four years. The person she was dating at the moment was Nicholas Hoult, she expressed an unapologetic attitude towards those pictures. She called people theft and criminal who passes them without her permission. She mentions perpetuating a sexual offense if you proceed with those pictures further.


  • Marliyn Manson assaulted.

Marilyn Manson filed a case against Rachael wood.

American singer Marilyn Manson know to be the oldest in the industry, and a controversial celebrity as well. Rachael Wood recently shared about the sexual abuse in her “Rising Phoenix” documentary, that Marilyn Manson assaulted her during the music shoot. She was penetrated during the shoot and no one stood there to stop it.

This got viral and Rachael wood realized that she was not the only woman who felt this way. In her documentary which got released in February, she made an allegation in 2022. This whole thing got so messier that Marilyn Manson filed a complaint against Rachael wood.


  • Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet Jackson costume.

Janet jackson was stopped to go grammy award after this controversy.

The most spread controversy was made on the “Super Bowl “performance in 2004. It led to a huge question of morality at Janet Jackson, in American history. Super Bowl performance was done by Janet Jackson and she wore her costume, in the end of the performance Justin ripped off part of her costume and revealed her left breast, Infront of the huge audience.

Janet Jackson got backlisted from the industry, that small clip impacted her career that she was denied at the last moment for the 46th Grammy awards. Her music was removed from channels, and she responded to this controversy in her recent documentary.



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