Your Guide to Stay Fit This Halloween

Went out to pick candy for kids, but somehow ended up buying lots for yourself? Well, what goes in must get burned off, so here are a few ways you can keep yourself fit during Halloween.

The candy-coated, sugar-dipped, holiday with countless festivities, creative costumes, and fat-filled holiday – in other words, Halloween – is fast approaching. And so are the hefty calories all that Halloween candy is bound to bring with it. Bowls filled to the brim with a huge variety of candies of all sizes might have been staring at you everywhere you go, as if pleading to you to gobble them all up; our advice: don’t! If you’ve already given in to the temptation, well, we cannot help you. Don’t worry, that was a joke. Even if you’ve already given in to temptation, we can help you burn off those pesky and stubborn calories. Since everyone knows that what goes in must be burned off, we are just going to warn you once: buckle up! But, in case you haven’t yet given in to the temptation, we’re listing some ways you can maintain that control.

There is nothing eviler than the little bright-hued Halloween candies lying in every office building or home around Halloween. But you’re better off avoiding these little nuggets of calories and saturated fats than giving in to the temptation and loading up on them. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not asking you to completely avoid all that sugary deliciousness, just be mindful of what and how much you’re consuming. It’s now totally up to you how you wish to spend the holiday season – is that measly piece of candy really worth spending all the hours of your day hitting the iron?



Don’t over consume candy.



Prevent Over-Indulgence

Exercising does not completely offset indulgences, so don’t overindulge. There is a trick to treating yourself right and not having to hit the gym for the whole month. Choose wisely instead of mindlessly consuming all the candy lying directly in your eyesight. Here are some ways you can stay healthy even while having fun at Halloween parties:

1. A trick to prevent yourself from indulging while you’re at home is to not purchase candy that you like. Instead, get candies that you hate and you won’t be tempted to overconsume.

2. What makes Halloween candy so irresistible to us is the association it has with our childhood and the carefree feeling from that time. Change your thinking to it being something that can instantly raise blood sugar and make you jumpy and you won’t be tempted as much.

3. Going to a party? Eat before you leave! If you’re already full, you’ll be less tempted to reach for the sugary snacks available at the party. And you can better control what you’re eating.

4. This might be the most important trick of all, but come what may, under no circumstances should you eat candy at night. If you must, eat it around a high-intensity workout. Even if that’s not what you want to do, we still advise avoiding candy at night since it causes harm that might be difficult to undo later on.

5. If you want to indulge, do it in a healthy way. Eat a balanced meal and have the candy as a snack. Or even better, opt for organic dark chocolate or servings of trail mixes with plenty of nuts over the sugar-filled candy and chocolates. Decide what you wish to eat ahead of time so you can plan your workouts around the calories you’re going to consume.




Exercises help in burning off excess calories.




How to burn off the calories

With at-home exercises

1. Jumping Jacks:
On an average, doing jumping jacks for 10 minutes can help you burn about 100 calories. And they’re easy to do at home too. Just stand straight, keeping your feet together. Bend your knees slightly and jump up, and spread your legs apart as you land. Stretch your arms above your head as you jump and bring them down as you land. Repeat for 40 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds before resuming.

2. Burpees:
Doing a 100 burpees burns 50 calories as an average. Stand straight keeping your feet hip-width apart. Squat, putting your hands on the door and jumping back landing in a plank, and then doing a push-up. Take care to jump feet towards hands and then jump as high as possible for you, keeping your hands over your head.



Head out into nature to exercise.



Out in the nature

1. Running:
Running can help you burn 11-17 calories per minute. To do this exercise safely, wear appropriate running shoes, warm up before running and stretch afterward and run with proper form.

2. Walking
Walking can help you burn around 65-100 calories per mile and is less taxing on the body, especially if you’re a beginner. But to obtain the full benefits of walking, walk a good few miles and walk at a brisk pace.



Hit the gym for more intense exercising.


Hit the gym

If you have access to a gym membership and prefer to do your workouts in the gym, you can ask your trainer to create a workout routine for you consisting of high-intensity exercises. Or if you don’t have a trainer and can decide your exercise routine on your own, you can make a routine yourself. Here are a few you can choose from:

1. Start with the elliptical for 5 minutes, spend 1 minute on the squat machine and 1 minute on the ab rotator machine.

2. Get on the jump trainer for 5 minutes, 1 minute on the incline chest press and 1 minute on the rip 60 pull up.

3. 3 minutes on the treadmill, 1 minute of seated hamstring curls and 1 minute on the ab rotator.



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