Here is the Only Guide to Indies You’ll Ever Need!

Indecisive about what dog to get? Here’s your answer! Read on to get your dilemma solved.

Imagine this: you reach home, all tired and stressed from a hard day at work. No sooner than you turn the key, and open the door, the cutest dog comes running at you, impatient to give you licks all over. You can have that too! To make your choice easier, we have brought you the most comprehensive guide to the Indie breeds that you need. Trust us, you won’t need to think even once after reading this.

Why they make for great pets:
The Indie breed has minimal grooming needs. Very low maintenance, you don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort. Since they have fewer oil glands on their coat, you don’t have to worry about odours. They are allrounders for all Indian conditions – from temperature to temperament to the training they require. Indies are skilled, sturdy, and adapt well to India’s tropical climate since they are indigenous to India. The Indie breed is an extremely alert and social breed. They are also highly intelligent and amicable
which makes them the most versatile and adaptable Indian dog breed. They make for great family pets and complement kids with active lifestyles.

Here is the Only Guide to Indies You'll Ever Need!

Once an Indie dog begins to trust you, you have will their loyalty for life!

The special features of your Indie pet:
The Indie is one of the oldest existing dog breeds. This is backed by archaeological findings – excavations in the Mohenjo-Daro provide this proof. Their immune system is far better than foreign breeds, not to mention, much better suited to the Indian diet. They are also the least susceptible to diseases that pedigree dogs easily succumb to. Due to their amicable temperament, they make for great companions for senior citizens. Indies are also highly protective of their pack. If you provide an Indie with love and care, he will be extremely loyal to you and your family. Highly intuitive, they easily decode human emotions and can be good for emotional support when needed.

Their grooming needs:
They need little to no grooming. Their coat needs little maintenance and they don’t shed. They are well adapted to the tropical weather, but cannot handle extreme cold. They need an occasional bath and thanks to their short coat, they dry really quickly. But since Indies are prone to ticks and fleas, they need regular inspections to weed out any parasites that may cause an infestation.

Here is the Only Guide to Indies You'll Ever Need!

Indies are stronger, tougher, and more resilient than almost any other breed of dogs that exists today.

What you can feed your pooch:
Indie dogs have strong immune systems, but that does not mean you can feed them anything and everything! There are a few things dogs should not be given – chocolate, lemon, grapes, onion, tomato – these are poisonous to your precious pooch, even in very small quantities. Some other food items that should not be given include cow milk which can cause loose motions in your dog. Most Indians feed milk to their dogs, which is wrong and causes more harm than good. You can give boiled chicken and rice to your dogs. Just don’t add any spices, you can, however, add boiled carrots/potatoes. This can be given every day, and is easy to make – all you need is a pressure cooker! You can also add broccoli, spinach, cabbage or even apples. Boiled eggs are also good and acceptable to give; just don’t feed raw eggs to your dog. You can even give peanut butter to your dogs; it is full of protein. If you wish to only give a vegetarian diet to your dogs, you can give them vegetables and fruits like banana, mango pulp, pineapple, cucumber, guava, etc. If you can’t make fresh food daily, there is a variety of readymade food for dogs available in the market that will make it easy for you.

Here is the Only Guide to Indies You'll Ever Need!

Indies have a strong immune system, and thrive well if they exercise well, have nutritious meals, and get regular health check-ups.

Diseases and their care:
Since Indies are a naturally evolved breed, there are very few health concerns that you need to keep in mind. Genetic health ailments such as hip dysplasia are very rare in indies as there is no inbreeding. Even problems like Cancer are extremely rare. Veterinary visits are rarely required. Under good care, their average lifespan is 13-16 years. Indian Pariahs tend to gain weight easily. So, they need good exercise. It is very easy to overfeed them so make sure they get plenty of exercises. Since Indies have smart minds and very energetic bodies, they can resort to destructive behaviour if they don’t receive enough physical activity.

Last thoughts:
The Indie dogs have been officially recognized by the Primitive and Aboriginal Dog Society but for some reason, still don’t enjoy popularity among pet owners.
Especially among Indians. It is time that they receive the recognition they deserve and we realize that this oldest existing breed in the world needs as much love and care as its foreign counterparts.



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