Do You Know About International Beer Day? Well, Now You Do!

Hello! Is It Beer You’re Looking For? Well, You Are at The Right Place, Right Time. With International Beer Day On 5th August, We Are All Charged Up!

Summers are incomplete without enjoying a pint of beer with your closest friends. Am I right or am I right? Welcome to another month of exploring yet another alcoholic beverage that hands downs are the favourite of many around the world. Considered as one of the oldest beverages in history, beer is extended in nearly every country and culture across the world. Before we get into what we have for this month, let’s read about civilization’s favourite and safest alcohol beverage, Beer!

The first known barley beer was found in a jar in Iran around 3400 B.C but some believe that it had “cracked” millennia before that. One thing that we are sure about is ancient men loved beer. As brewing methods evolved, the appearance of beer kept changing. Today, as we speak, beer’s popularity is rising again. Just know, beer is a summer essential for a long time and is here to stay forever!

Were you looking for a reason to celebrate and order that beer pint and enjoy with friends? Well, International Beer Day on 5th August seems like a perfect fit occasion.  We have listed below some of the best beer brands in the world that you should try out this summer. Believe it or not, each new ale we have mentioned is un-beer-livable. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on these best beers and start the party now!


  • Hibiscus Tangelo Gose by Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.
International Beer Day

It has a pleasant, light, and not too sweet taste, perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day to feel refreshed.

This beer is for all easy drinkers. From Gilbert, Arizona, Wilderness is a dreamy-looking beer, brewed with locally sourced tangelos, oranges, and tangerines from Agritopia Farm and hibiscus tea from Tea Royalty. What makes this beer our pick is that it has a pleasant, light, and not too sweet taste, perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day to feel refreshed. Some also say that the Hibiscus Tangelo Gose present lays off whiffs of waffle cones, something we love. In the first sip, you’ll feel tangy jigs of red fruit and citrus, but it is all balanced out between sweet and tangy towards the end!


  • Neon Neon Rainbows by Brewery Ommegang
International Beer Day

Neon Neon rainbows is a limited-edition beer by the brand.

Well, let us take a minute and appreciate the funky packaging. Look at the can, so quirky, giving all the right vibes. Speaking of this New England style, double IPA beer by the best brewery that delivers Belgian style beer. Neon Neon rainbows is a limited-edition beer by the brand, as a tribute to the beautifully hazy, juice-bomb IPAs bursting out of the Northeast in the last five years. It is brewed with 2-row barley and flaked oats, and hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra, Centennial, and Topaz varietals. The taste is soft and pillowy which gives a warming sensation at first and finishes with a balance of moderate bitterness and piney hop character.


  • Pilsner by Hop Dogma Brewing Co.
International Beer Day

This beer is beautifully adapted by the Germans and Americans and is thirst-quenching.

Before we get into it, understand what’s a lager, it is basically a beer that has been brewed and conditioned at a low temperature. It is usually pale, amber, or dark in color. Speaking of the German style we have is Pilsner by Hop Dogma Brewing Co. even though it has a simple name but marks our words it tastes delicious. This beer is beautifully adapted by the Germans and Americans and is thirst-quenching. Generally, a Pilsner has a spicy, herbal, floral, or earthy hop character. This pale lager has a lingering bitterness in its aftertaste but feels crisp and refreshing as you enjoy it with your friends!



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