Step by Step Guide to Groom your Dog at Home

Tired of paying the unnecessarily lengthy bills at a grooming parlour for your dog? Here’s a guide you need to follow at home.

Grooming is costly. And, when it comes to grooming your dog, the prices touch the skies. This isn’t fair right? Besides, trusting a stranger with your dog is a little shady as well. But, don’t worry. We have prepared a perfect guide for you.

This article contains everything you need to know to groom your dog at home. A little personal touch is always good. Especially when it comes to your dog. Who better to trust than their own human? Follow these steps and have a great time with your pet. No biting!

Step 1: Eyes

With a damp cloth, wipe around the eyes of your dog. Collect dirt or crust you can see, try to collect it here. Do this carefully. Wipe slowly so as to avoid any kind of harm to their eyes. Plus, too much build-up can also cause infection.

Just like our eyes, our dog’s eyes also need to remain moist. Neither too wet nor too dry. If their eyes don’t stay moist, it may affect their ability to see properly. So, while cleaning their eyes, try to look for any signs of reddening or swelling to identify such problems.

dogs grooming

Step 2: Ears

Use a damp cloth again to clean the dirt and wax collected in your dog’s ear. Remember to wipe the flaps and folds of their ear too. You can also use cotton balls and gauze to clean their ears properly.

However, do not use the common cotton swab to clean your dog’s ear at home. It can damage their eardrum instead.

dogs grooming

Step 3: Nose

Cleaning your dog’s nose can be a little tricky if they keep moving their head here and there. A key point to remember is that a healthy dog’s nose is always moist. If your dog’s nose feels dry to you, it may be a sign of dehydration, sunburn or dry air. Although, it is absolutely normal for a dog’s nose to be a little dry, especially after a long nap. Just give them an ample amount of water and apply a good quality balm. But if the dog stays irritated due to its dry nose, see a specialist.

dogs grooming

Step 4: Teeth

Even in this case, dogs are quite similar to humans. They also develop bad breath and bad dental hygiene if their teeth are not brushed regularly. Frequent care is necessary. Plus, when their breath seems good to them, they get ready for some extra cuddles. So, take up a dog’s toothpaste and brush their teeth properly. Circular motion is always the best. You can also ask the vet for good dog toothpaste brands that would suit the needs of your pup.

dogs grooming

Step 5: Brush and Trim

After this, it is time to focus on their Coat.

You might even find yourself frustrated sometimes when you see your dog’s hair laying all around the house, right? One way to get rid of excess hair is by brushing and trimming your dog’s coat regularly. Matted hair needs your attention urgently. Matting reduces air circulation which may be the cause of medical problems for your dog. Skin irritation, infected lesions, strangulating wounds, to name a few.

Remove the dirt and dead hair and get rid of tangles. After you brush their hair thoroughly, you can also give them a super cute trim. Use hair clippers, curved scissors or other accessories and tools to give them their desired look. Remember to do it as carefully as possible.

dogs grooming
Brush and Trim

Step 6: Nails and Paws

As much as overgrown nails are bad for your dog, they are difficult to cut as well. What’s worse, if not cut properly at the right time, they might even curve in and hurt your dog’s paw. The best way is to start trimming your dog’s nails right when they are young. So that they do not develop a fear of cutting nails when they grow old. A few treats can help. Plus, remember to cut just the right amount. Too much, and you can hurt your dog. The quick is the part that holds blood capillaries. If you cut them, your dog may start bleeding. So, identify the quick before you cut them.

After you cut their nails, Moisturize. Use pup wax which can heal your dog’s dry paw and nourish it beautifully.

dogs grooming
Nails and Paws

Step 7: Bath

After some heavy cleaning up, it’s bath time. Give your pup a nice relaxing bath and watch their smiling face. Use all their favourite products! They deserve it.

A good bath will remove any excess dead hair and pet dander. After a bath, dry their coat and let them swirl in freshness.

dogs grooming

Step 8: Massage

There are a few acupressure points in your dog that can relax them in the best manner. You can do a little research and find out how to massage your dog properly. A massage can be quite beneficial for your dog. That is because all the energy gets drained after running around and playing. A relaxing massage can help them re-boost their energy.

dogs grooming