Reasons Why Modern Relationships Don’t Work

Yes, relationships aren’t like Karan Johar movies, but the way we see them today, is definitely not the right feeling. Modern relationships are falling apart and we have some reasons why. Also, these can be worked upon so think before you move apart! 

Modern love has changed, the way of showing love has changed, and we are disappointed with some of the meaningless modern relationship trends. Today, instead of a beautiful feeling love is described with words like lust, time pass, and insecurities. Whatever may be the reason, the generation is not prepared to impart that unconditional love or invest in relationships for them to work out. They’re just looking for something easy, but darling love doesn’t come easy.

Instead of finding someone who understands us in our deepest silences, we are looking for someone to party with on weekends. Love isn’t just adding thrill and excitement to life, slowly it does get mundane, and leaving instead of fighting with hurdles is a big turn-off. The generation that deep down still believes in Romeo-Juliet isn’t ready to make scarfies that turn their love immortal. We got down to research and found some reasons why modern relationships aren’t working out today and trust us all these reasons can be worked upon, you just got to have the will! 

Modern Relationships

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” — Audrey Hepburn

Lack Of Commitment

The new generation is all either stuck on their past or heartbroken, making it impossible for them to trust again and keep aside their insecurities, even for the right person. Commitment is one thing that modern-day relationships lack, they’d prefer breaking it rather than finding a solution to secure a long-term relationship and settle down. What is making them commitment phobic are either their past insecurities, or the possibility that they don’t want to stay at one place for too long. Like it’s said, promising a billion things won’t mean a thing if you can’t fulfill them or rather have the courage and will to do so. 

Modern Relationships

“Your hand touching mine. This is how galaxies collide.” ? Sanober Khan

Hook-Up Break-Up Generation

Simply put, it’s lust over love for everyone. You know half the generation is scared to fall in love, and that is the reason why they’re open to hookups, one-night stands, or friends with benefits. We aren’t saying that this culture is wrong, but undoubtedly it has ended the exclusivity of love. The criteria to get into a relationship have changed, some decide to have sex first if they want to love someone. Loyalty has become rare to find, which sucks. 

Insensitive Behavior 

Speaking of loyalty, the involvement of a third person in modern relationships is yet another drawback of them failing. Cheating destroys a person, someone down the lane the one who is cheating is going to feel guilty. People nowadays believe in having options and stepping out of one if they find a person who might be slightly better. We have always believed being honest is the key, if you have fallen out of love or don’t enjoy your love life like you used to; either talk it out and clear everything or simply leave but never cheat!

“A successful relationship requires falling in love multiple times, but always with the same person.”

Social Media 

One of the biggest villains in all relationships these days is Social Media. Technology has brought us so close that it’s become difficult to breathe which leads to most relationships failing. Lack of communication comes from forgetting about personal life and just investing a lot of time on social media platforms. Honestly, people now don’t feel the need to spend quality time together! 



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