With her effervescent demeanour and heavenly appeal, she danced her way into the film industry gracefully. Now she is gearing up for more.


Name: Elli AvrRam

Date of birth: 29th July

Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Height: 5’3”

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Profession: Actress

Instagram: @elliavrram

Twitter: @ElliAvrRam

Facebook: @ElliAvrRamWorld 


From Sweden to India, you have had an interesting journey. Tell us what inspired you to take this unforeseen path and fly down to Mumbai to pursue acting.

I was around five years old when I first saw a Bollywood song on Swedish television and completely fell in love with it. I was so mesmerised by the girls, the way they expressed themselves, the way they danced, the way they looked, everything was just so beautiful. Then as a teenager, I saw Devdas, which was my first Bollywood film and that day, I fell in love with it so much so that I decided that I really want to do this in my life. That’s how it all began. I’m very grateful that I’m still working in our film industry. I do come from an acting background because my mother is an actress in Sweden and I have done theatre back home as well. Indian films are so exotic and fun, that is why my soul always belonged in India.

Your song Chamma Chamma has received an overwhelming response. Did you listen to the original track? How did you like it?

I did listen to the original Chamma Chamma, and I have known the song because it has been a part of the famous Hollywood film, Moulin Rouge. That is why I was really excited and grateful when I got the offer to be the face for the renewed version of the song. It was a very big thing for me and I’m so happy that people loved the song.


As a teenager, I saw Devdas, which was my first Bollywood film and that day, I fell in love with it so much so that I decided that I really want to do this in my life.

If you weren’t a part of the glamour world, what would you be?

I think I would definitely be a businesswoman. I would run my own company, maybe own several companies, but definitely be an independent businesswoman. Work in real estate, perhaps.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

So in our film industry, I really look up to Priyanka Chopra. Looking at her journey, I think it’s commendable with what all she has achieved, and what she continues to achieve. I think it is just amazing and she keeps proving that nothing is impossible in life.

Considering the fact that you are an outsider, how difficult was it for you to break into the film industry?

It’s been very difficult for me to break into the film industry. Indeed, I believe, as a foreigner, in any country you go, you will always have to work harder, even though you might be as good as someone from that country itself. But, it’s been beautiful too. I have enjoyed every bit of it. And I’m very grateful for whoever has believed in me so far and has given me an opportunity.

What is your idea of an ideal romantic date?

I would like to have dinner at some cosy, beautiful place, probably a sushi restaurant because I love sushi. He can get red roses and maybe some other sweet gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive, not at all, it is the thought that matters. So, it can be something like my favourite chocolate, that’ll just make me smile like a child.

What according to you is one romantic getaway destination that one simply cannot miss out on?

Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is Greece, it is a really romantic place. If not Santorini, I’ve never been to Italy, so I will go to Florence because I consider it being very romantic.


I really look up to Priyanka Chopra. Looking at her journey, I think it’s commendable with what all she has achieved, and what she continues to achieve.

A secret about you that nobody knows?

I am sorry to say but that it will have to be a secret and only the lucky one will get to know about it. Though I can share that I am very romantic.

It is said that the key to a man’s heart is through his tummy. What would you cook to impress a man?

First of all, I can really say this about myself that I cook very, very well. And I’m saying it very proudly. If he loves chicken, then I would love to cook my potato wedges with chicken legs recipe. I will also make a cheesecake dessert, it tastes really delicious. If he is a vegetarian, then I believe I would make bhindi with roti. It is one healthy Indian vegetarian dish that I cook very well.

That being said, what is that one thing a man can cook to impress you?

If he just cooks something that he has put a lot of love into and serves it beautifully, I will be surely impressed. Setting up a romantic dinner with the food that he has cooked with so much love should do the trick.

One secret about women, that men should know?

Whoever has ever been with a girl in their life must have figured out that women are just very difficult to understand. I would say that many times we say things where we actually mean the opposite. We always expect the guy to understand that we mean the opposite of what we’re actually saying right now. That can be tricky to understand.

And one secret about men, that you think all women should know?

I guess maybe it’s important to not give yourself a hundred per cent to a man immediately. If you do that, then he’ll just lose interest quite fast. Just take it slow and let the men also run a little bit. But not in the sense where you are playing too hard to get because that can also sometimes be a put-off and immature.


We always expect the guy to understand that we mean the opposite of what we’re actually saying right now.

You are an exceptional dancer and also a brilliant figure skater. Tell us about your fitness regimen.

My favourite type of workout is actually mixed martial arts. I absolutely love it. The feeling of kicking and punching is unexplainable and I love it so much. It boosts me up, gives me a lot of energy, and a lot of confidence.

We’re sure men must be 24×7 swooning all over you. But, what we’d like to know is how should a guy ask you out?

I wouldn’t want to tell how a guy should ask me out because I feel everything has to be unique. I would get so disappointed if I would just give away the answer in the interview and then one day a guy comes and asks me out the exact same way. I would just love to discover it and get surprised.

What items do you have hidden under your nightstand or bed?

I shall leave that to your fantasy.

Give us an insight into your current projects. What are you looking forward to in 2019?

I’m looking forward to my film debuts in different languages. The one in Tamil is called Paris, and the one in Kannada is called Butterfly. I have one more special song releasing in a Bollywood movie and I have three web series releasing soon, one is on Netflix, one is on Amazon Prime, and the last one is on Alt Balaji. I’m super excited about all of these projects and I’m also shooting for a Bollywood movie and I’m enthralled about all the work that I am doing.


My favourite type of workout is actually mixed martial arts.


Films or television?


Your first celebrity girl crush?

A Swedish model named Victoria Silvstedt

What are your top two turn-ons in a man?

Someone who is humble and very intelligent

Finding love in India or finding love in Sweden?

Finding love anywhere, as long as it is genuine

Who should take charge in bed – you or your partner?


One fan given sexy nickname that you really like?

Chameli, because it is connected to my first movie

What is the naughtiest thing you’ve done in public?

Too naughty to share

What would you do if you were the opposite sex for a month?

I would make sure to be the most romantic guy a girl have ever met.



Favourite sport: Football

Favourite language: Hindi

Favourite accessor: My pendant

Favourite holiday destination: Greece

Favourite cuisine: Sushi

Favourite alcohol: Whisky

Favourite TV show: The Simpsons

Favourite position to sleep in: On my belly, hugging my pillow 



As a girlfriend: 10

As a style icon: 5

As a kisser: 10

As a cook: 10

In foreplay: 10

In bed: 10


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