Best Sex Positions Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your astrological makeup gives your entire life, including your sex life, a unique flavor. So, knowing the perfect kinks, turn-ons, and sex positions according to your zodiac sign will help your sex life with a truly extraordinary enjoyment. 


sex positions


Aries is all about passion.



The personality of Aries fellows is all about passion and impulsivity. If your partner is an Aries, pull them close to you into a bathroom or closet at the next party and start stripping them down. ‘The fast and furious’ is exactly what want and need when it comes to sex. So spread their leg and drive them crazy with your moves.


sex positions


Taurus is a sensual sign.



Taurus is the most sensual sign, which means they enjoy having all of their senses stimulated during sexual activity. Taurus is attracted to attention and enjoys being lavished with attention. Additionally, putting them in a position where they have all of the mentioned sex-related activities (hotel sex, anyone?) But Taurus will do better on top because they want to be in control during sexual activity.


sex positions


Gemini recommends some gymnastics.



Gemini tends to become bored easily, so to keep things interesting romantically, we recommend positions that allow for some gymnastics and don’t confine them to one place. After that, you might get ready to change things up and move around a little. You will begin with Gemini in one way and end in quite another way. Gemini, who is ruled by Mercury is the one who enjoys verbal communication in the bedroom.


sex positions


Cancerians love to play some roles.



Cancer is a sensitive and loving sign who enjoys long-lasting, passionate relationships. Because Cancer is the traditional caretaker of the zodiac, they frequently like playing the role of nurse or doctor for a partner because they have a strong desire to help people. Isn’t that hot? Care is what energizes them. Making them their favorite meal or taking care of some household tasks may be just what they need to be in the mood.


sex positions


Leo desires adoration.



Leos are capable of engaging in a variety of acrobatic and upright sex positions. But for Leo, it is crucial that they are fully understood and admired. They desire adoration. Experts advise Leo to have sex in front of a mirror for this reason, especially in a position like the doggy position where both lovers can face the same way and look at Leo’s reflection jointly. Leos are naturally passionate and creative, and they enjoy experimenting with various types of role-playing.


sex positions


Virgos like oral sex.



The extended oral sex sessions that Virgos like are a result of their love of service. The ideal astrological sex position for a Virgo is, therefore, always in a spotless environment. Since the sympathetic nervous system is governed by the sign of Virgo, people with this sign frequently feel too stressed or busy to completely enjoy sex. Therefore, it is best to first calm a Virgo down before engaging in any sexy business with them. This could entail deep breathing exercises, massages behind or underneath the ears or at the jawline, or stimulating the Vagus nerve.


sex positions


Libras vibe on missionary.



Although it may sound bland on the surface, a Libra can vibe with a missionary. Sexting and talking inappropriately are two main pet peeves for Libra, an imaginative and analytical air sign. Image and fantasy frequently arouse them more than actual physical contact. You can help them get in the mood by darkening the lights, playing their favorite seductive song, and lighting a candle.


sex positions


Scorpians are fancy when it comes to sex.



Scorpio is a dynamic and active partner who isn’t afraid of anything intensely and profoundly sexual. The lotus may be especially potent for Scorpio, despite the fact that some of the fancier poses may immediately come to mind. They like playing sex games that revolve around power, intrigue and pursuing their romantic interest. Scorpios are extremely sexual, in large part because they rule the genitals.


sex positions


Sagittarius enjoy moving their leg.



As the zodiac’s eternal adventurer, Sagittarius frequently indulges in all types of positions and kinks in the bedroom and elsewhere. They’re not scared to put their legs in unusual situations. As a result, Missionary with one leg up in a split or a Missionary with both legs raised over their heads is the optimal sex position for Sagittarius. This sign reigns over the thighs, butt, and hips, which is another reason why Sagittarius frequently enjoys moving their legs into novel positions in bed.


sex positions


Capricorns are fans of role-playing.



Work-centric Capricorns often adopt a more authoritative role in daily life, which makes them willing to adopt a more submissive role during sexual activity. Capricorns often take on a more submissive position in bed and enjoy a little mild bondage. Sensual massage and contact of any kind can arouse them.


sex positions


Aquarians like sexual toys.



Aquarius, the sign that is most forward-thinking and experimental, is not unfamiliar with a sexual toy or device. Because of this, Aquarians who have perhaps grown tired of traditional sex in bed tend to adore chair sex. Pay special attention to your calves, shins, and ankles as Aquarius oversees these areas. You might do this by finding positions that allow you to grab onto those body parts.


sex positions


Pisces prefer face offs.



Regarding sex, Pisces has a very spiritual aspect. Few sexual positions would feel too deep or too intimate to a Pisces, much like a Scorpio. They prefer seated face-offs or the traditional missionary position when one person sits on the edge of the bed while the other is straddling them from above.



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