5 Signs It’s Time To End Your Relationship

Sometimes, the end of a relationship happens unexpectedly, other times, it slowly creeps up on you.
Here are 5 signs that it might be time to end or seriously reconsider your relationship.

All relationships are different, but the ending of a relationship usually follows a common trajectory. It starts with a slow tapering off of the love and romantic connection, followed by a prolonged period of the tell-tale signs that both chose to ignore coupled with wishful denial, and ends with the motivation to patch things up dwindling between one or both partners. Unless both of you mutually decided upon the relationship ending, usually one partner initiates the break or the break-up, and the other is left lamenting on all the signs they missed.

So, to help you out, here we have 5 signs that it is time you re-evaluate your relationship and see if you can save it or if it just might be time to sever the ties permanently.

relationship red flags

Your partner’s constant disappearance could take a toll on your mental health, as well as the relationship.

1. Your Partner Disappears For Days At A Time

Does your partner leave you hanging and disappear for days at a time, not caring to drop even a single text or call informing you beforehand? You could be stuck in a jam and need your partner’s help, but he’s completely unreachable, which is a strict no for any healthy relationship. Granted, nobody can be available for you 24×7, but a single text or call informing you beforehand that he’s busy is better than being left hanging and feeling like you’ve been ghosted. And not to mention, your partner should at least be reachable in case of emergencies!

relationship red flags

If your partner stops sharing significant details of his life with you, you could feel yourself drifting apart from him.

2. You Don’t Feel Like You Are In A Relationship

People evolve and grow, but sometimes, in the opposite direction. When you’re in a happy, healthy relationship where both of you reciprocate feelings equally, you know exactly where you stand. But, in some cases, when the connection is not felt from both sides, you could feel disconnected from your partner. So if you feel like you don’t have a boyfriend, even when you’re in a relationship, it is a huge sign that it might be time to cut the cord, for good this time.

relationship red flags

Your partner blowing hot and cold could be a sign that he’s highly insecure. This behaviour can be extremely disorienting and disturbing.

3. Your Partner Blows Hot And Cold

The early days of dating are, no doubt, exciting; you feel all over the place – albeit in a good way! Your feelings are reciprocated and you feel over the moon… until they’re not. When your partner suddenly starts to blow hot and cold, it can be extremely upsetting and disorienting. Although sometimes it happens in new relationships, if it keeps happening repeatedly, it might be time that you sit your partner down and have a serious conversation.

relationship red flags

If your partner says one thing and his actions indicate something else, it can make you feel insecure and confused about your relationship.

4. Your Partner’s Behaviour Is Highly Confusing

Some amount of confusion is pretty normal in a relationship, however, if the confusing behaviour is so excessive that it makes you question everything about the relationship, it might be time to take a step back and re-evaluate things. Your partner might be confused due to the pressure of work, or some other serious issues in his life, but that does not mean you need to be on the receiving end of this confusion, especially not at the expense of your mental health! So, if this is the case with you, it might just be time to walk away from this connection.

relationship red flags

An emotionally unavailable partner can make you feel bad about your own healthy needs of intimacy and closeness.

5. Your Partner Is Emotionally Unavailable

Emotional unavailability is not just a throwaway term; it is a pretty hefty term that carries a lot of weight. That said, if you feel like your partner is emotionally unavailable, there is no point in staying in the relationship. Feelings can be overwhelming sometimes, but shrinking away from the vulnerable moments is going to seriously hamper your connection and your relationship will not last long in this case. An emotionally unavailable person finds it hard to receive and give love, so do yourself a favour, and don’t stay around in the hopes of your partner suddenly becoming emotionally available just for you. That’s just disaster waiting to happen!



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