5 Biggest Red-Flags That You Should Not Avoid In A Relationship

Red-flag in this generation is easy to spot, do you have any red-flags in your relationship, find out here!

Relationships are always known to be a beautiful journey to experience. Human connection in this era, does find strength and importance around romantic relationships. During, the lockdown period many relationships made their way to healthy marriage and some of the couple got separated as they discovered some deal breakers in their relationship.

You ending up at this article, already made your instinct true. But here are some ways to confirm if this relationship is a red-flag or Green-flag for your life. Here are red-flag signs that you should consider before it’s too late.

  • Mentally abusing
Relationship Red-flags

Be aware of this toxic pattern in your relationship.

This sign is hard to detect when you keep on jumping in a toxic relationship. Mentally abusing behavior of other spouse/ partner can turn out to be affecting mental health or PTSD which can leave a traumatic experience. Here is how to detect these toxic behaviour.

    1. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a technique which another person uses to manipulate. Though it is not physically visible but its affect is quite harmful from inside, the manipulator spouse does make you question your judgements and sanity.

Gaslighting is a part of victimizing which makes the other person feel guilty even if they were wrong or not. But anyone who finds themselves in a stage of being gaslighted should accept the sign and leave the relationship.

  •    Fights get physical abusing
Relationship Red-flags

Physical Abuse in a relationship is a Red flag!

If you discover that another person has Anger issue it is easier to feel unsafe, threatened and insecure during the fight. Anger issues occur because of a lack of emotional reflection which can be a huge sign as a red flag. During a fight or any argument, a partner reflects on unhealthy behavior such as physically fighting, abusing or harming you with things, this can be a clear sign to exist. Anyone who displays toxic behaviour and physical abuse to prove themselves in an argument is a Big NO-NO!  


  •    Inability to resolve conflict
Relationship Red-flags

Signs of an unhealthy relationship begins with these warning signs.

In a relationship, avoiding resolution and they cope with an argument while avoiding the other, this behaviour leads to a huge ruin. The long-waited unresolved fight becomes huge and leads to passive aggression.

Confronting and embracing constructive conflict are essential for a healthy relationship and this is the best way to protect a relationship. Without the communication, productive conflict your matter will remain unresolved and these unhealthy patterns will lead to wasting of energy, overthinking and resentment.


  •   Keeps a secret & Lies
Relationship Red-flags

Complusive lying partner, is this healthy or a Red-flag?

Displaying your profile picture in his social media as a secret, is not counted as a red-flag. But he hides or avoids to acknowledge you to his close ones, friends and family is a point to doubt. If you are able to catch their compulsive lying behaviour do consider it as a sign to be concerned about. A person who is not honest with himself, you cannot expect him to be honest with you.

Lying has the capability to destroy a relationship and it can lead to doubt, misunderstanding and trust issues, mentioned in David Joseph book “compulsive lying in relationship”. Even if the reason is insecurity for you or less trust issues, both of these reasons do not provide a healthy relationship.

  • Ghost you
Relationship Red-flags

Do you feel confused while being in this relationship?

“Ghosting” is noticeable in this generation, it is also known to be a toxic pattern. Daily communication is not required for a healthy relationship but it does require checking up on the person you care for. There is a minor line to define the Ghosting or genuine checking on a person, whether it is through a call or text the caring energy will leave you feeling special but ghosting will leave you irritated and confused.


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