Capture Souls!

We have got you covered with the ultimate beginners guide and fresh entry level cameras by top brands. Dive in & make that purchase, today!

Someone has said it just right, “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” Well, cameras have the power to freeze the moment and store it with us till eternity. Today, there are so many different brands trying to present the best cameras, but the decision-making can be overwhelming. Therefore, we have got you covered with these best in business brands to make that next camera purchase. But before we get into it let’s understand the six main types of camera lenses and when to use them.


Starting with wide-angle lenses, these are perfect for those who are into abstract and creative photography. Standard and Short telephoto are again two lenses suitable for street, travel, and portrait photography. For nature lovers, sports, action, and wildlife, there are two lenses to choose from: Medium and Super telephoto. Used very rarely, but best for close-up shots are Micro Lenses. Now that you hold an idea of these types of lenses, dive into choosing the perfect retro-style or modern-looking cameras. Read on! 


1. Olympus OM- D E – M10 MARK IV

Who doesn’t completely adore a retro-style cameras? These have an aesthetic vibe to them. Well, the one we have today is the Olympus OM-D E – M10 Mark IV, it is a mirrorless camera with a 4k quality and in-built camera filters- best for people who are into creative photography. This camera is available in two color finishes, black, and silver. The dial, metal accents give this camera a luxurious feel. This one is also regarded as an entry-level camera, ideal for the ones starting out in the field. The power of this beauty can last up to 360 shots between charges. An IBIS of 5-axis and easy physical buttons by on-screen controls make this one hassle-free. With a resolution of 20MP and many interesting features, including the power of perfect selfies, this one is a good purchase for accurate images and stable videos. With IBIS of 5-axis and easy physical buttons by on-screen controls make this one hassle-free.  


2. Fujifilm X E4

Fujifilm has never disappointed us when it comes to cameras, be it Instax or rangefinder-style cameras. The X series by Fujifilm has been a hit these past years and with that being said the brand launched X E4 under the same series. The XE4 comes with all the latest tech updates that were lacking in the previous versions. This lightweight camera has a 26MP sensor that can record a full HD Video at up to 240p. This updated version in the X E4 series with great quality and performance comes in ideal if you’re shooting in bright daylight. X E4 is comfortable to handle with the right resistance of the dials in this one, the brand doesn’t claim anything about the camera’s weather resistance. The battery life is also impressive; it can take up to 460 shots per charge. To conclude, the Fujifilm X E4 does justice to the colors of the images and that makes it an interesting purchase. 


3. Nikon Z Fc

The brand regards this one as the. “ode to Nikon’s rich history and heritage. “This retro-styled camera by the brand is similar to Z50 but its accurate dials and ISO shutter speed with 20.9MP Sensor has made it the current obsession of all those camera enthusiasts, for whom looks matter. Not just in Black and Silver this one comes in six other variants but is in limited quantities. The Z Fc is an ideal camera for vlogging purposes. The feature of a fully articulating rear LCD is fascinating and the screen can be folded completely protecting the LCD Panel. This one has the ability to take 300 shots per charge with a detailed capture too high. With a solid 4k video quality and the best for vlogging, this can record a Full HD 120 fps high-speed shoot. If you are someone who is into hybrid shooting, well this old-school-looking camera is a match for you. 


4. Canon EOS M 50

Canon is the most trusted brand when it comes to picking out cameras. This time around they have come out with EOS M 50 a high-resolution mirrorless camera with a super-compact body. This camera makes movie shooting in 4k super easy and fun. Another interesting feature in this one is, it comes with no shutter sound while clicking. Its built-in electronic viewfinder makes it a must-add with all camera lovers. The controls have a single dial which makes the exterior simple. With a shooting speed of 10sps, it will be a pretty good buy. The icons on the screen are large with the lightest of touch that makes it easy to operate. 



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