Workout Time! Leave Pi + Lattes And Do Pilates

A perfect blend of hardcore and gentle is Pilates Workout. Add these below-mentioned exercises to maintain good health and fit body!

While we bid the summer season a heartfelt goodbye, we welcome the winter season with open arms. But when it comes to working out, the season of laziness is here. Maintaining Good Health and Fit Body becomes a concern in the winter season as the warmth of our blankets wrap us to get that 5-minute extra sleep often. However, pushing yourself to achieve that toned body should always be the ultimate motive.

Major trends were observed these past months in the fitness sector, be it turning your living rooms and bedrooms into home gyms or attending virtual workout sessions with your personal trainers. Health and Fitness are two aspects that have been the paramount distress and people some way or other have followed to ensure top conditions of mind and body.

This time around as winters are approaching, we have brought to you Pilates, low impact exercises to build that stunning body. Pilates gained great popularity and is a great form to sustain physical and mental well-being. Without waiting any further, let’s get into these low-intensity exercises. Also remember, health benefits and good mental health are two incredible dominant aspects that come with leading health and fitness, so don’t miss your workouts kids!

Before we get into the mind blowing must have exercise in your Pilates routine, let’s give you a brief about Pilates. When you hear the terms, “hardcore” and “gentle” together, it when someone is kick starting Pilates. A blend of both that helps the body become balanced, gain strength, maintain good posture and make your more flexible all at the same time. 

It can either require a simple mat or a set of equipment’s if working out in a gym. Apart from giving you a toned body, and stunning abs, Pilates are beneficial for people with lower back pain or who want to strengthen their muscles. Dive in and include these exercises in your workout sesh to see the change!

Dive in and include these exercises in your workout sesh to see the change!
  1. The Hundred

This first exercise might look like a task but the power to strengthen the core majorly lies in this one. Getting the posture right is the key. In this one, all you have to do is lie down on your back, lift up your face and bring your knees inside towards your chest.

Make sure your neck, head, and shoulders don’t touch the mat at all times. You have to keep pumping your arms in up and down movement.

Another chief part to remember, extend your legs to a 45-degree angle and keep your toes apart. Repeat the same for around 8-10 sets of 5 counts each.

Repeat the same for around 8-10 sets of 5 counts each.
  1. Single-Leg/ Double-Leg Stretch  

By the name you might have figured out the minor difference between the two. For single leg stretch, lie face up on the mat, move your knees towards your chest. Head, neck, and shoulders will be lifted up at all times. Now draw one knee in towards your chest and extend the other leg straight to a 45 degree angle. While doing this you have to grab your right knee with your left hand and right ankle with your right hand. Keep switching your legs on every exhale. 

For the double leg stretch being your knees to chest and hold your shins with your arms. Then move your legs to 45 degree angle extending your arms above your ears.

While doing both the exercises maintain proper breathing and keep your core engaged throughout.

Then move your legs to 45 degree angle extending your arms above your ears.
  1. Rolling Like A Ball

A classic Pilates exercise and a must in every workout routine is rolling like a ball. This one looks easy but targets the abdominal and makes a huge difference.

Sit on the mat for this one and hold your shins with your hands, keep your back widen and drop your shoulders making a curve of your spine. Lift your feet and try to balance and roll back on your shoulder blades, make sure your neck doesn’t touch the mat. End by exhaling and return forward to the balance position.

Use your abdominals majorly to roll back up and to maintain balance. 

Use your abdominals majorly to roll back up and to
  1. Pilates Plank To Push Ups

Exercise is indeed a big challenge and requires maximum stability to perform. The last exercise in an ideal Pilate Session is Plank to Push Up. 

This one requires you to stand straight on the mat and as you exhale you have to round your chin towards your chest and roll the body down in a rag-doll position. Walk your hands on the mat until you are in plank position (bend the body half way). Keeping your elbows close to ribs. 

As you slowly lower toward the mat for a push up, keep your shoulders settled into your back. Come back up in a plank position, walk your hand back and slowly return to the upright position. Do around 3-5 sets for best results. 

Do around 3-5 sets for best results. 


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