Things You Should Know Before Period Sex

Sexturday: Period Sex can be pleasurable, but you need to look after some important points before having sex on the menstrual cycle.

Many couples ask whether they have sex in periods or not. The answer is ‘Yes’, otherwise it all depends on the couple whether they want to do it or not. Many couples enjoy having sex while having periods than you can realize.

Unless and until having sex in periods troubles you and your partner, there is no need to avoid sexual intercourse during that time. Though it feels a little messy but to some extent it is safe. Talking about women, menstruation means being bowled over with painful cramps, bloating, and buckling up for an emotional roller coaster.

But even if you are one of those lucky people who never or rarely experience much PMS, you still have to deal with blood flowing out of one of your body’s orifices, which can be kind of weird. It is not, however, appropriate to assume that having sex is forbidden simply because blood is seen flowing from the site of the customary sexual encounter.

Keep Protection always on

period sex

You can still get pregnant if you have sex while on your menstruation cycle. It is well known and experts also say that some periods last more than a week and sometimes a woman’s ovulation can overlap with menstruation.

Above all this, do you know sperm can be alive for 3 to 5 days? But if you are on birth control and taking it as directed by your doctor/physician which also includes your placebo week then you need not to be worry, but if you are not aware, don’t take any type of chance in intimacy. Sex during periods also contributes to the transmission of some STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) for example HIV.

To allow the blood to pass, the cervix is slightly more open around this time, which puts you at a higher risk of health issues and infections if your lower body part is exposed to an STI. That’s why it is best to use condoms and follow sex guidelines which not only keep your pleasure steady but also away from infections.

Period sex has its own benefits

period sex

If you are following every rule and regulation, then your period sex also gives you similar pleasure as you get without periods. When you are involved in a period the first thing you will realize is that you are experiencing lesser cramps than usual. It is because your orgasm endorphins help to get relief from pain.

Many women will agree with this statement that during menstruation they feel more horny. It happens only because of the fluctuations in their hormones and these also increase sex drive, So, if you are thinking of having periods sex then it will surely increase your sex drive which is also called Libido.

Communication with partners is a must

period sex

Of course, communication is also essential to a satisfying sexual experience. Giving your partner at least advance notice that you are menstruating is generally seen as a kind gesture, even though the decision to engage in period sex ultimately depends on your relationship.

Don’t stop communicating with one another once the intercourse between you starts. Certain postures with deeper penetration may cause discomfort if you frequently get painful periods. So, keeping communication open while having sex makes you and your partner comfortable as well as it makes your sex smooth.



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