Five fun winter activities you must do in India

While many of us use winter as an excuse to stay indoors, there are more adventurous folks who know that there is no better time to head outdoors, visit new places and do fun activities. Read to know more about fun winter activities to do in India.

For some in India, the winter season is an excuse to stay indoors and fall in love with your cozy blanket and hot chocolate, but some know that this is the best time to go outside and unleash their adventurous self. Whether you’re an adventurous soul wanted to explore unknown horizons, an eager beaver, or just someone who likes the outdoors or visiting new places; the winter season in India offers exciting and unending possibilities to entice the travel bug in you. So, here we will tell you about 5 fun winter activities that will fuel your adrenaline and at the same time, take you to a new destination. Don’t forget to pack heavy woolen along with your activity gear.

Here’s the list of five fun winter sports in India:


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Gulmarg and Auli is a prime ski destination for skiing lovers


Of all the adventure snow sports, skiing is probably the most popular winter sport in India. It attracts skiing lovers and enthusiasts from all around the world every year. Auli, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Manali, and Shimla are the most famous skiing destinations in India. For Professional Gulmarg and Auli is a prime ski destination for skiing lovers. If you are a beginner there are trained instructors who will help you to learn skiing and you will get equipment there for rent on an hourly basis.


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Trekking is another popular winter activity


Trekking is another popular winter activity. If you wish to climb up to those snowy paths and peaks, you need to have a high tolerance for extreme cold, strong willpower, and high fitness levels because mountaineering isn’t child’s play. However, the breathtaking panoramic views of the wilderness and snow-capped peaks make this all worthwhile. The best treks for beginners are- the Kedarkanth trek, Khaliya Top trek, Kuari Pass trek, and Brahmatal Trek. And for advanced trekkers- Chadar Frozen River Trek, Nanda Devi Trek, Zanskar trek.

Ice Climbing

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In Ice climbing, the skill required is pretty high and poses many more challenges since the ice has a slippery surface


Ice Climbing is probably the most adventurous and difficult sport among all of them. This activity involves a lot of courage while climbing up the slippery ice walls in subzero temperatures but for adventure enthusiasts this is worthwhile. Although it looks the same as rock climbing, for ice climbing the skill required is pretty high and poses many more challenges since the ice has a slippery surface. The climbers must take proper training and have enough experience before embarking on an adventure. You should pack all the necessary equipment- Boots, waterproof garments, crampons, ice screws, a mitten, an ice axe, wrist loops, hammer attachments, and goggles. Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Sikkim offer ice climbing opportunities.


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The most popular snowboarding style is the free-ride style


Snowboarding is a relatively new winter sport, which is slowly gaining a lot of admiration from adventure seekers in India. In this activity, snowboarding entails attaching a board to your feet (using a specially mounted shoe) and then zip you down the mountain. The most popular snowboarding style is the free-ride style, where one slides down from any kind of snow-covered terrain. Although it might look simple, but you’ll have to sharpen your skills to balance your body and correct timing are most important. Auli, Solang Valley, and Gulmarg are the best places to snowboarding.

Ice Skating

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Ice Skating is a lot like roller skating but with the thrill of slippery ice underneath your feet


Ice Skating is one of the popular winter activities in India. It’s a lot like roller skating but with the thrill of slippery ice underneath your feet. Ice Skating is taken care of by ISAI (Ice Skating Association of India). Kufri, Auli, Narkanda, Gulmarg, Shimla, and Manali are great destinations for trying your hand at ice skating.



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