Sensual Delight of Chocolates

Indulge yourself in the seductive world of chocolate and sex while adding a dash of sensual pleasure to this chocolate day. Read on!

Chocolate and sex are like synonyms for each other when it comes to pleasure. After all, what could be more orgasmic than combining your guilty and kinky pleasures? Not only does it will satiate your tastebuds, but also becomes your aphrodisiac. Beyond its delectable taste, chocolate possesses an innate ability to elevate the art of lovemaking to another level. This sweet confection elevates the excitement of foreplay. Just imagine a dimly lit room, soft music, sultry whispers dancing in the air, and the rich aroma of cocoa in the room—an unforgettable journey of pleasure.

Paint your masterpiece






Think of your hand as a painting brush, and your partner is your canvas. Dip your hand in a bowl of melted chocolate and slowly proceed to paint your adoring masterpiece, especially the erogenous zone. Just begins with the lips as lips apocalypse, tongues intertwine, and chocolate mingles with the heat of desire, each peck will become a symphony of flavours, a beginning to the ecstasy that awaits. Then, move forward towards the earlobes, neck, collarbone, and so on until you reach the end. After all, who doesn’t like happy and passionate endings? (IYKYK)

Play hide & seek







Mixing food with sex is pleasurable indeed, but switching things up by bringing another game to it, makes it even more sensual. If you are someone who likes control in bed, then adding a blindfold to your list is all you need. So, blindfold your partner and also tie their hands behind with a scarf. Then, pour chocolate on their torso and lick it off from you or dig in like there’s no tomorrow, to create a symphony of sensations down the back. Or you can let them find the chocolate pieces from your body with their mouth. 

Increase steam with ice-cream






To intensify the sensations, you can add ice cream to the game. Pour some vanilla ice cream, place it on the neck or sensitive areas, and let your partner lick it off without lifting the tongue. If you tend to feel cold, pour some hot melted chocolate over the specific area. Furthermore, you can tempt each other while feeding ice cream or chocolate which can foster intimacy and bonding, deepening physical pleasure

Therefore, you can mix food with pleasure in many ways, whatever turns you on the most. Just let your imagination run wild in this world of seduction.



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