Tiger 3 Trailer: Tiger is Back on Mission Against Emraan Hashmi; This Time It’s Personal

Tiger 3 Trailer: Tiger 3 starrer Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi, helmed by Maneesh Sharma, will hit big screens on November 12. Check Out

After a long wait of 6 years, Salman is back with the third franchise of Tiger. On Monday noon, the makers of Tiger finally revealed the trailer for Tiger 3 and announced the release date of the film, which will be released on November 12, 2023, during the auspicious week of Diwali. In the trailer, Salman can be seen returning as the fierce RAW agent Tiger once again, and this time, he has come with the intention of seeking the lost respect in his own country.

Tiger 3 Trailer




Tiger 3 will be the 5th movie in the YRF Spy Universe. 



The trailer opens with a senior official played by Revathy saying only one man stands between peace and the country’s enemies. Then, we see Salman’s Tiger battling villains in an exciting scene. The next scene shows a montage of Tiger’s happy life with Zoya and their son, while a voiceover from the film’s antagonist, Emraan Hashmi, claims that Tiger stole his family away from him.

Tiger 3 Trailer




Stills of Katrina Kaif from the Tiger 3 Trailer. 



He threatens retaliation, making Tiger choose between “desh” and “parivaar.” In this personal quest, a trapped Tiger pleads for assistance and receives it from his former allies. Emraan Hashmi can be seen beaming with joy in the final seconds of the action-packed clip as he successfully labels Tiger a traitor. Apart from the lead, Kumud Mishra was also seen in the trailer.

Tiger 3 Trailer




Emraan Hashmi will play a negative role in Tiger 3. 



Khan and Kaif will be seen reprising their roles from their last films, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and ‘Tiger Zinda Hain’. Talking about its technical aspects, the background music and actions will definitely make the whole theatre into a stadium, and VFX is also good in its place, but somewhere fans will miss Emraan Hashmi in the trailer as he gets a very small glimpse at the end of the trailer with heavy voiceover in the whole trailer. Overall, you can Tiger 3 as a perfect ‘Mass Cinema’.

Tiger 3 Trailer




The movie will be released on Diwali, i.e., 12 November 2023.



After watching the trailer, fans praised it and commented “Masterpiece”, Another user commented, “Actual goosebumps”. By praising Kaif’s action, one user commented, “Kat never disappoints when it’s action. Full goosebumps”. Another comment resonated: “Salman & Emraan Hashmi’s look, cinematography, action, BGM – everything is fire.”

Tiger 3 Trailer




Salman Khan with Mohammad Kaif during IndvPak Match. 



Tiger is the 3rd franchise of the Tiger series and will be the 5th film in the YRF Spy Universe after Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hain, War, and Pathaan. Riddhi Dogra, Vishal Jethwa, Ranveer Shorey, and Gavie Chahal will also be seen in the movie. As per the reports, Shah Rukh Khan will also play a cameo as ‘Pathaan’. Tiger 3 will be released in three languages (Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil).



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