SRK spotted on film set after Aryan khan case

SRK fans bombarded the comment section of media with his digital appearance after Aryan khan’s case. Aryan khan’s update after the case, reveals this article. Stay here to know more!!

In media this post is trending. They spotted shah Rukh khan on the film set; for his future film shoot. In a black t-shirt and with a ponytail.  After the Aryan khan case got highlighted from the Mumbai court drug case. He got arrested by NCB (narcotics control bureau). One of the police officers told, “There is no official complaint of extortion. However, so far no one come forward for the statement”. After finding no evidence against the Aryan khan as updated for now narcotics court released the Aryan khan, on October 28. It reveals the complicated case of Aryan khan brought the whole family in a difficult phrase.

Shah Rukh Khan said when his Aryan khan case was on hold, he said “had given up all his professional activities”.

Shah Rukh Khan.
It reveals the complicated case of Aryan khan brought the whole family in a difficult phrase.

After the release of the Aryan khan, the family members were not much seen in the media. But after we saw Gauri khan posting her family pictures and designs on her media. We spotted Aryan khan on Gauri khan’s social media caption said as boys’ night out. The king Bollywood shah Rukh khan is also back, on his “Pathan” film set. With the Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone. After the highlighted leaked pictures of shah rukh khan’s resume comeback; which made all the fans excited. The love and supportive fan will be rooting for him.

According to us after the bail, Aryan khan has not updated his social media. As of now, Aryan khan is seen to be spending his time with his younger brother and healing from his trauma. As his journey of this year has been traumatic and with fear. The constant accusation made his life and mental health in hardship. As the NCB case left a mark in his life, Aryan khan is learning and taking counselling to heal from it.

The khan’s family members Gauri khan and shah rukh khan refused to give any further detail about the case. But, after this depressive phase, they can live a normal lifestyle. What do you think about the absence of Aryan khan from his media?

Shah rukh khan made comeback as an ambassador.

Shah rukh khan was seen in a film set and even as a brand ambassador, so we as fans can root for the srk future appearance. Some of the fans after waiting eagerly for a glimpse of the king srk, found his digital appearance on one of the Srk fan pages. Srk was wearing a jacket with a t-shirt and his hair was tied back, with his dimple smile which grabbed all the srk fans’ attention. After srk was seen in one of the car branded companies, the fans filled the media and tweets with his digital appearance. Where do you as fans wish to see the king SRK, Next? 

Shah Rukh Khan.
Where do you as fans wish to see the king SRK, Next? 


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