Bid 2021 a Heartfelt Goodbye By Partying Like an Animal and Exploring This Marvelous Destination

“Hollywood isn’t a place it’s a way of life.” Let Los Angeles Is Your Sand-Tuary for New Year

“Let’s keep the smile, leave the tears, Hold the laugh, be joyous and forget the fear in Los Angeles ’cause it’s new year.” As believed, in LA everyone is a star. Los Angeles has always been known for its Hollywood vibes and an amusing destination for all the socializers. The celebrity-like life in LA makes all party animals go wild and make the most of their time throughout their stay.

This southern California city and the center of the film and television industry has so much more than just being the entertainment capital of the world. From more than 100 museums, a mad number of artists, perfect weather to being the largest hotel market in the US, LA has our heart.

Now around the new year, it’s the ideal time for traveling and leaving behind your current year issues as well as achievements to celebrate and welcome a new start with New Year. Therefore, we have brought to you the ultimate destination that will make your new year’s vacation as exemplary as the city itself is. From making a list of happening events to guiding you on what to do on this short trip, we have covered it all.  Let’s go to Los Angeles to bid farewell to 2021!

Los Angeles

From the star-struck city of Beverly Hills to beaches in Malibu, day in Disneyland, shopping at the grove, meeting the famous Hollywood, and experiencing the tour of universal studios these are some things you should absolutely not miss when in LA. Not to forget, to welcome the new year this city of angels has so much to offer. Storing the best for the end. Let’s dive in to find out how to make the trip memorable!

Hollywood Boulevard

All the hype of LA center’s here. It remains super crowded to date but missing out on Hollywood Boulevard will be a mistake. Clicking pictures of that iconic Hollywood sign is a must-have souvenir from LA. It also has the “Walk of Fame”, a sidewalk that has a series of stars embedded in a charming star celebrating all their achievements.

Los Angeles

Santa Monica

If you are a true beach lover, you know the hype of Santa Monica. It is now categorized in the top ten beaches in LA. The sunset in Santa Monica is surreal, you might also recognize the iconic solar-powered Ferris wheel on the pier. There is something always happening here from concerts to historical walking tours, you can catch all of it.

Los Angeles

Experience The Celeb Life

LA gives a chance to live like a celebrity and experience a elite life. Like going to a lavish party and entering as a VIP or Visiting clubs famous celebs are spotted in. Also, going shopping at rodeo drive is a must. It’s a lovely place to enjoy and feel like you are in a Hollywood movie. To tip you a famous celeb spot is 1 Oak, with massive space, luxury service & great settings.

Los Angeles

Things to do Around New Year/ New Year’s Eve

Sail Into The New Year

LA hosts a lot of boat parties around the new year. The delightful coastline of LA from the yacht or cruise looks dreamlike and makes the upcoming year memorable. Dancing in the clubs, enjoying on the deck with your loved ones, dressing up in a specific dress code seems so amusing that you’ll love it. However, bookings for these events/parties take some time prior, so you might still have a chance so do try your luck!

Watch Fireworks

Fireworks are a part of the new year. Welcoming the new beginnings with thrilling fireworks is mandatory. Now in LA, these fireworks take place at many locations and are super exciting to watch. You can go out on romantic dinners and follow up the new countdown with these amazing fireworks. Some locations we have catered that are the best, Knotts Berry Farm, The Santa Monica Pier, Long Beach, US Bank Tower, Griffith Observatory & more!

Rooftop restaurants or Clubbing

If you aren’t much for socializing and want to spend the new year with your near and loved ones. Rooftop restaurants in LA are your thing. The view from above is unreal and you can enjoy some classic dishes, with soft music and wonderful bar service. You can also plan a surprise for your partner by choosing a VIP package from such restaurants. Some places that are extraordinary are Harriet’s Rooftop, The NoMad Rooftop, Catch LA Mondrian Hotel Skybar & More.Now for people who are into clubbing and dancing away their new years eve, LA is your personal heaven. With plenty of nightclubs and exceptional DJs, LA’s nightlife is crazy. Some spots are blind dragon, electric pussycat NYE party, Hollywood’s pub crawl, 1OAK, Meduza & more.

Los Angeles


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