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  • Money Heist Season 5 Part 1

Have you ever loved a series so much that you take a ‘sick leave’ to binge-watch it the same day of release? Well, Money Heist is one such series adorned by people worldwide, and the much-awaited season 5 titled, ‘La Casa De Papel’ dropped recently and fans were on ‘sick leave.

Season 4 left us all wondering will the professor survive after being caught by the fierce officer Alicia Sierra. She does torture him a lot to get information but since Money Heist is all about survival and the professor’s pain tolerance, he doesn’t tell her a word. On the other hand, Tamayo removes Sierra from the investigation and declares her being part of the professor’s club. This season there are yet again nail-biting scenes that’ll leave you curious to complete the season in one go. In the latest Season 5 Part 1, you are going to witness a lot of emotions, with Nairobi getting killed the gang was more furious about the heist.

To give you a little spoiler, there is another shocking yet brave death move by the writers in the last episode of season 5 part 1. To excite the fans with another inside, the most hated character Arturo gets shot, but we all know he will anyhow survive amongst everyone involved in the heist. To conclude, Money Heist is amongst the most hyped series and it deserves all the hype as the makers haven’t disappointed us. To know if the gang survives the heist, get into your binge-watching mode and wait for Part 2 until then.

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  • Sex Education Season 3

Regarded as one of the finest shows on Netflix, Sex Education gained a lot of popularity and made its point by educating people about sex, self-love, compassion, and more. Every dialogue holds weight and has a message to convey in the most beautiful way possible. After two successful seasons, Season 3 dropped in mid-September.

Season 3 stores the same knowledge level and opens up with the new school year. In hopes to restore all that glory lost in the past years, there is a new headteacher as well. This season witnesses Jean spilling the pregnancy secret to her ex and a lot more of Otis and his changing relationship with Maeve.

This one is again perfect to watch because there is knowledge and the old school drama is fun. Another interesting thing to find about while hooked to it, will Issac tell Maeve about Otis’s voicemail confession? 

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