These 5 horror movies will make you turn on the lights

If you are the one who enjoys ‘horror’ the most in terms of movie genres, you have reached just the right article.

It is said that the horror genre is without a doubt the hardest ever to get right. At a point, it is considerably easy for someone to make people laugh but, it is an art to make the hearts of the audience race with each second and create something that sets them apart from the other genres. A horror movie that is not terrifying can really be a dull experience for those who love to jump scares. Although it is impossible to come up with the scariest movie ever, here are the top 5 horror movies that have terrified a lot of people.


  • The Exorcist
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The Exorcist deserves to be on top of this list.

This masterpiece as mentioned tops the list in terms of the horror factor. The movie released in 1973, still is one of the most terrifying experiences among so many horror features. It is a tale of a 12-year-old girl Regan, who finds herself playing with an Ouija board and using the board as a gateway, the spirit of a 50-year-old man, who is hungry for lust and blood, takes possession of the body of little Regan. The movie sets the creep right in and will leave you mind-blown.


  • A Quiet Place
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The story of a family on a run to save their lives but, the slightest sound could be their last.

Shh… A horror-thriller movie that revolves around a family who is saving their lives from monstrosities that have supernatural good hearing. Every sound of moving, eating and even walking will bring the family one step closer to death. This movie was released at a point when Hollywood was running short of ideas for the horror genre, and this particular one is just the right example of concept and creativity. Having its name in the Oscars nomination for best sound editing, this one will keep you holding your breath with each scene.


The Conjuring

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The Conjuring franchise includes three films in the main series, The Conjuring, TheConjuring 2, The Conjuring: the devil made me do it

It would be unfair to not include the Conjuring franchise by the Warner Brothers in the list. Bringing the story of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren with an entirely different concept, the 2013 movie was able to win the hearts of the audience and critics with its believable screenplay and direction. The story moves around a family who notice a paranormal phenomenon in the farmhouse they have just moved in, and are struggling to save their lives from the spirit of a man who is not very happy with the family living in his house.


  • The Hereditary
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Just like the characters, this movie could make you feel that someone is there with you in the room.

The dark horror drama is all about the family who is grieving the loss of their grandma. The daughter, of the deceased, is getting shockwaves and the situation that later takes is not very pleasant, as the family feels the grandma around them the whole time. How would you feel if someone dead keeps making you feel their presence, in not a very lovely way? Without telling you why, the movie does not feel safe at any point.


  • The Shining
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The man who is supposed to protect his family turns into a violent crazy-head trying to kill them.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie already, you definitely know that it is one of the top horror movies in the world. The plot revolves around a family who has decided to serve as caretakers at an isolated hotel, but things turn for the worst when the father of the family turns into a violent madman as he gets possessed by an evil spirit, who is on a spree to kill the whole family. the father, who is supposed to protect the family, becomes a crazy killer, that impacts your mind like a dangerous beast and is staying in your head for a long time.