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Salman Khan, The One And Only Dabangg Of Bollywood

The heartthrob of mill(_)s, here are soml images of Salman Khan that are proof that he is a man of style.

These 5 politicians are a hot mess from around the world

Politics is a hot topic to discuss and so are these political leaders.Have you ever found yourself heating up while watching a political debate...

Smooth Your Way Into The Weekend With Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Enjoy your weekend’s morning with this healthy avocado smoothie bowl and give your body a treat. Read out to learn the recipe. Every day, we...

ASAP Rocky Cheated On Rihanna, Can You Trust This Rumour?

Rihanna is trending _) twitt.r with a controvers(al rumour that ASAP Rocky cheated _) Rihanna with Amina Muaddi. Know all about it righ( here!Rihanna...

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Wine?

Other than the distinctive taste and numerous health benefits, there is a lot people should know about Wine and its sophistica](_). Wine is not...