Pawsome Tips for your Shih Tzu!

Paradise is coming back home to your loving dog after a rough day. Dogs literally have the power to lift your mood every time. Did you know owning a pet can decrease the paw-sibility of feeling lonely or facing depression? The one we are adoring this time is the Asian Toy Dog, Shih Tzu. This breed is the most popular and adorable, you’d want to cuddle with all the time. To begin with, the correct Shih Tzu pronunciation is “sheed-zoo” or “sheet-su.”

Well, these tiny furballs are the real source of comfort and joy, and no matter what, you will fall in love with them each time they come running to you. Not to forget their pup-arazzi is the real entertainment, be it the time they come out of a bathing session or while playing and fetching balls. If you were planning on finally getting home these four-legged furry babies, consider this a sign.

If you’re scared about the next steps, don’t you worry because we have got you covered in this segment. From Shih Tzu grooming at home, care tips, food list, to Shih Tzu food to avoid, here we have everything you need to know about owning the real bundle of happiness. Before we get into it, let’s look into some fun facts about this “little lion” breed.

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All they need is your lap and lots of love but training them is super tricky.

Fun Facts About Shih Tzu’s

  • Their faces grow from every direction, so they are also called, ” Chrysanthemum-Faced Dogs.”
  • 14 Shih Tzu saved the breed from discontinuing in the 20th century.
  • It is the most popular dog breed in America and also famous among celebrities.
  • All they need is your lap and lots of love but training them is super tricky.
  • They come in 14 different colors and three different markings.
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Make the grooming process super rewarding and relaxing for them

Grooming Shih Tzu at Home

With their good looks, this breed requires intense care. They aren’t lazy dogs like some other breeds, but full of energy and super adventurous with humans. The basics of taking care of any dog is keeping them clean, wipe over their face 2- 3 times a day. Particularly for Shih Tzu’s make sure you wipe their eyes, beard, chin, and cheeks since they are super furry. Another important aspect to look after in this furball, their long and soft hair, regularly brushing is vital and to avoid breaking try spritzing. Grooming tools such as a bristle brush, two-level comb work best for Shih Tzu’s hair. For trimming, you can opt for taking them once every six weeks, keep in mind to trim their nails monthly as well. Shih Tzu is one breed prone to the collapsed trachea and breathing issues so make sure you don’t use a collar for leash but opt for harnesses. Don’t forget dental hygiene too, treat their teeth with a canine toothbrush or a fingertip brush. Keep them groomed and presentable at all times, just like you keep yourself tidy all day.

Fun Tip: Make the grooming process super rewarding and relaxing for them from the initial years so they adapt and look forward to it in the future.

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The amount of food should be given according to age, activity, and health

Shih Tzu Diet: Food List + Food to Avoid

Surprisingly, this little breed eats food in large amounts however, some are super fussy eaters but it’s important to ensure you feed healthy meals to your dogs for long, fit life. The amount of food should be given according to age, activity, and health but in general, Shih Tzu should consume 1/2 to 1 cup of dry food. Dogs have a higher activity level and hence calories should be provided to them. Another fact to know before owning a Shih Tzu is they are prone to obesity so make sure you feed them four meals a day for the first six months but shift to two meals a day later on. Recommended food includes Green Peas, White Chicken Meat, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Raspberries. What to absolutely avoid giving them is tea, coffee, salt, seeds, onions, and anything that your pet’s vet suggests.

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Going for a walk for at least 60 minutes is a must.

Fitness Tips for Shih Tzu

Fortunately, since Shih Tzu puppies are tiny in size they don’t need much exercise, 5 minutes a day can be just enough for them however later on exercising/ going for a walk for at least 60 minutes is a must. You can split these walks in 4-5 times a day and make sure to schedule in a way so they get time to rest in between. To be honest, all Shih Tzu pups need is your attention, playing and goofing around with them is the ultimate exercise.

Shih Tzu Hair Styling

One thing that attracts people the most in Shih Tzu is their hair. This is one breed whose hair is difficult to handle but styling can help a lot. These dogs have long hair and Shih Tzu owners can get super creative when it comes to playing around with a dog’s coat. Make sure to choose hairstyles that are comfortable for your dogs too. If you like shorter hair on your dog you can go for a puppy cut, lion cut, or teddy bear cut. However, Shih Tzu’s look best with top knots and ponytails with little accessories like clips or clutches that won’t hurt them. Well, it’s all a matter of personal styling and anyways these babies are already delightful.




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