Need Some Tips For Keeping Her Neat & Tidy? Read On….

Kittens are innately clean animals; they are known for their personal hygiene. They are known for their personal hygiene. They are generally self-sufficient when it comes to cleanliness, but, being a cat owner does involve a fair amount of home cleaning and care. Here’s everything you need to know about making your feline friend happy with these practices.

There are only two types of people on this planet: those who like cats, and those who are wrong. A cat can make a profound addition to any family. That’s true. Whether you have toddlers, dogs, or you live on your own, a cat could be a worthy choice. Owning a cat means different things to different people. Some may want to cuddle with them; others are content to just live with an independent cat which spends most of its time outside and doesn’t want any human interaction.

It’s difficult not to get fond of these furry babies. The love you have for your feline can’t be summarised in a few words. Taking care of a cat is not difficult as taking care of dogs, as they do not take much effort and hard work, but they do require a certain amount of care. Although cats are self-groomers by nature, with tongues that act like teeny combs to clean and flat their coats, you will still have to enthusiastically look after them. Your cat can benefit immensely from a systematic grooming and cleaning schedule. 

Pet love
Your cat can benefit immensely from a systematic grooming and cleaning schedule. 

Show Some Love

While cats may not be attention seekers as dogs, they still need your love and want you to spend time with them. You can play with them with a string toy, cuddle with them on the couch, and display as much love as possible. When you spend more time with your cat, they will be more likely to want to be around you. If you are always away or overlook them while they are near, they will get used to this behaviour. To help your cat live their best furry life, use these care tips. 

Pet Love
To help your cat live their best furry life, use these care tips. 

Grooming Your Kitten

Grooming your kitten is not just about making your feline look good: removing dead hair, keeping its skin and coat healthy; will also help forge a friendlier relationship and will give you the chance to check out its overall health state.

Hygiene is imperative when taking care of kittens, but thanks to their short and soft coat, it hardly takes any time as compared to adults. Life will be at ease for both of you if you train your kitten to groom itself from an early age. Most cats will not take your affection for granted, they like to be well-groomed and, the moment they see a brush in your hand, they will come running to be pampered.

Ears: Carefully look over your cat’s ears to see any issues including dirt stuck in ears, extreme wax build-up, bleeding, debris, sores, discharge, or inflammation. Also, of concern are ear mites, which are difficult to notice but generally leave a foul reddish/brown discharge in the ear. Cats with ear mites usually scratch their ears.

Eyes: Your cat’s eyes should be clear, bright, and free of any soreness or discharge. If any of these signs are present, it could be a symptom of infection, and you should contact your vet for suitable treatment.

Nose: A healthy cat’s nose is normally moist and smooth. Soft touching will tell you if your cat’s nose has any swelling, bumps or lumps. Do look out for ulcers, along with any other marking or wounds that are taking a long time to heal.

Mouth, Gums & Teeth: Healthy cats have clean and white teeth which are free of chipping. Check gums for any sores or lesions. Gums should be pink and healthy without any redness, bleeding or swelling.

Breathing: Take note of your cat’s breathing, it should be effortless and even. If they face shortness of breath or have an erratic rhythm, then immediately check in with your vet.

Coat and Skin: A lot can be told about the state of your cat’s health from the state of their coat and skin. If your cat is indulging in extreme chewing, scratching or licking, it may be time for a check-up.

Claws: Indoor cats need routine trimming. Period. If you are not sure about trimming your cat’s claws yourself, take your cat to an expert groomer who can do it without causing harm. 

Pet grooming
If you are not sure about trimming your cat’s claws yourself, take your cat to an expert groomer who can do it without causing harm. 

Taking Care of Your Furbaby!

Food & Water: Adult cats should be fed once or twice a day. Do ensure that your cat always has a clean bowl of water. Remember, never bother a cat that is eating. 

Litter Box: Clean your cat’s litter box when it’s filthy. Make sure you wash your hands if you have touched your cat’s litter or litter box. 

Bathing: Most cats pass their whole lifespan without having to take a bath, but occasionally a quick dip is required. You may need a particular shampoo to stop skin problems, such as a hair detangle, etc. 

Be Cautious of Poisonous Plants: Avoid specific plants, like lilies, foxglove and philodendron, that can trigger vomiting, lethargy, and in some cases, death.

Secure Electrical Cords: Do secure electrical cords on the floor. Unplug cords that are not used frequently and get cord guards to prevent a mishap.

Pet grooming
Do secure electrical cords on the floor.

Basic Cleaning Supplies

You may want to stock up on some basic cleaning supplies:

1) Dust wipes to keep their hair under control. 

2) A urine remover that is safe for your home fabrics.

3) Plastic liner bags for litter pans. 

4) Bleach to disinfect the litter box.

5) Disinfecting wipes or multi-purpose cleaners.

Visit the Vet

At least once a year, take your cat to the veterinarian to make sure it’s healthy. Your cat will occasionally get vaccines, and medicine to help counteract fleas and worms.



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