Best Sex Advice Straight From Showbiz

Here’s your quick guide on how to become better in bed by taking advice from your fav characters. Plus, we’ve got the one and only sexpert Samantha Jones, from ‘Sex & The City’ to spice things up even more.

Let’s begin by busting a myth that claims if a romantic movie involves intimacy, that’s all it’s about. Uh-uh! Welcome to the world where we talk about it all, from orgies to sex toys. There’s a plethora of ‘more than just sex’ movies we’ll be unveiling soon, and we’ve got a bunch of ‘just steamy’ flicks we’ll be dishing out soon, but for now, we’ve spent the day reminiscing about all those spicy movies with some hot tips to ignite your love nest. Believe it or not, these could also make for perfect additions to your Valentine’s week watchlist. So, here’s to some Netflix and chilling!

Sex & The City

Sex Advice

Without Samantha Jones, Sex and the City would be like a cake without frosting—still good, but missing that extra kick! So, let’s dive into some of Samantha’s top-notch wisdom from the show. While we could talk about her for days, let’s focus on some of her most legendary advice from the show, “I masturbated all afternoon… Well, two, two and a half hours.” Samantha’s got it right – it’s time to prioritize self-love, especially with Valentine’s Day creeping up. Single ladies, let’s make February 14th all about treating ourselves!

And because we can’t get enough of Samantha, here’s a little bonus for you all. “Sex with an ex can be depressing. If it’s good, you don’t have it anymore. If it’s bad, you just had sex with an ex.” Mic Drop! 


Sex Advice

Well, let’s set the record straight about this 2013 flick – it wasn’t ahead of its time; we just finally caught up with its bold take on sexuality! This movie isn’t just tip-toeing around sex addiction; it’s plunging into the deep end with a full-on reverse cowgirl twist. Fantasies are what we have picked from this movie, forget about the old-school doc-nurse routines; it’s time to spice things up with some fresh and steamy scenarios! 

This movie isn’t shy about showcasing the full spectrum of human desires, proving that sexuality is as diverse as it gets. It encourages viewers to dive into the steamy seas of exploration, with no judgment allowed!

Fifty Shades of Grey 


Four tantalizing words – BDSM! That’s the essence of what Fifty Shades of Grey has enlightened us about. Confidentiality agreements as a seductive dance, and deliciously disciplinary spankings, didn’t it make you crave a ‘talk dirty to me’ moment? 

Yet, while the movie is adapted from the captivating novel by British sensation E.L. James, its enduring allure crowns it as the ultimate erotic guide on screen. Admit it, we’ve all fantasized about the pleasure-pain chamber thanks to Mr. Grey, and oh, how we relish it.



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