Famous Funny Dialogues from Hindi TV Shows

From using them in our everyday life to laughing at these dialogues, let’s revive the memories of some funny and entertaining dialogues from Hindi television.

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away. Some excellent sources of entertainment have always been the Hindi television business. They are silly, chock full of one-liners, punchlines that become catchphrases, and a tonne of funny moments.

An excellent source of amusement has always been the Hindi television business. They are silly, chock full of one-liners, punchlines that become catchphrases, and a tonne of funny moments. We have always been entertained by many entertainment genres, as evidenced by some of the comedic lines from well-known television programs.

So, let us take the road down to the memories of some funny and famous dialogues from our favorite tv shows.

Chain se sona hai toh jaag jaiye

funny dialogues

The Sansani guy was scary sometimes.

Is there anyone who isn’t aware of this famous dialogue that scared us sometimes? This dialogue from ‘Sansani’ show on news channels was nothing less than a scary scream. Well, many memes were created around this dialogue on the internet and if you’ve seen it, you know why it was so funny.

Hello Hi Bye Bye

funny dialogues

Manorama Ji had the best humor in the show.

If you are a daily soap viewer, you might have seen the popular star plus show known as ‘Iss pyaar ko kya naam du’ and one dialogue from the show that tickled the funny bones in people was ‘Hello Hi Bye Bye’ by the character Manorama, which was played by Utkarsha Naik.

The iconic Khichdi dialogues

funny dialogues

Hansa is our favorite character from this iconic show, isn’t she?

The highly praised and cherished show on Star Plus Khichdi gained a lot of popularity because of its creative plot and well-known performers. Praful tu to gadha hain gadha is a popular line from the character Babujee, performed by Anang Desai. The conversation Hello how are you khana khake jana haan, Chakki Parekh and Jackie Parekh’s dialogue Bade log bade log, and Hansa Parekh, performed by Supriya Pathak, are all well-known.

Hei maa, maataji

funny dialogues

This dialogue by Daya ben is my reaction to every minor problem.

Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma is one show that has never failed to make us laugh. one of the most famous dialogues from the show by the prominent character Daya is ‘Hei Maa maataji’ and even we end us saying this dialogue every now and then in our lives.

Monisha this is so middle class

funny dialogues

Maya Sarabhai was the ultimate savage queen on the show.

One cannot forget the extremely sophisticated and elegant Sarbhai Vs. Sarabhai show. It included the show’s funniest dialogue. The useless poems Rosesh (Rajesh Kumar) wrote for her mother will never be forgotten. The line “Monisha, this is clearly middle class” made the Ratna Pathak Shah character Maya Sarabhai famous.


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