La Mer, it’s Time we Talked About This Tint!

Let’s check if the radiant skintint from La Mer actually provides light-as-air coverage that energizes and awakens.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like a full face of makeup or finds foundation to be heavy and irritating on the face, tinted moisturizers will be your best friend. Tinted moisturizers, or skin tints, are exactly what they sound like: moisturizers with a little bit of tint. They have lightweight formulations that serve the double function of hydrating skin as well as adding a smidge of radiance or sheer coverage. These are best for achieving that flawless no makeup, makeup look, or if you’re into minimalistic looks. Don’t fret though, they’re quite buildable, so you can layer more products or even a foundation if you wish to! The skin tint we have selected today, is La Mer’s The Radiant Skintint, let’s see if it is worth all the hype around it!

La Mer is usually on spot with their luxury base products in a way that completely differs from other brands out there. That’s why the brand has a cult following for their bases. This long-anticipated release had fans on the edge of their seats, although it might just have all been for naught. Let’s dive into exactly what La Mer got wrong and what they actually managed to get right.

La Mer, it's Time we Talked About This Tint!

When deciding on the shade, keep in mind that the formula oxidizes so much, that it ends up a few shades darker after drying down.

The best thing about the product is the practical packaging, the brand has devised for it – the tube is slim, soft, and lets you control easily the amount of product that dispenses from it. The reflective packaging adds another element of attractiveness but it is highly prone to fingerprints and smudges, which gives an untidy look when it is sitting on your vanity. La Mer claims that the product gives a sheer, lightweight veil of colour that offers visible radiance and an even, healthy-looking tone. From normal to oily, it suits all skin types. It also has SPF 30 and lime tea concentrate to help guard your skin against environmental aggressors. Although, the SPF caused breakouts in some, so we advise caution while using.

The worse part here is the abysmal shade range. The formula might be flexible, but it still does not closely match with a lot of skin tones, forget finding an exact match! That’s not all! The formula also oxidizes so much that as it dries up, it ends up becoming quite a few shades darker than what you started out with. 

La Mer, it's Time we Talked About This Tint!

Product: The Radiant Skintint SPF 30. 

The coverage is light and dewy and will enhance the look of your skin. But keep in mind, that the colour swatches on the website are not at all accurate, but it does give an even, smooth glow to your face. La Mer really got a lot of things wrong with the formula though. The formula makes this hard to LA MER, blend, resulting in it giving a very streaky look across the face. It is also hard to smear across the face and horribly pills on the face. It also gets patchy and separates when applied.

Although the finish it offers is stunning, it makes the product hard to use if it is just going to look streaky on the face. So, ladies, splurge at your own risk here!



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