The eye-catchy highlights from the Milan Fashion Week. Click and look at these designs.

The six-day event of Milan Fashion Week has concluded and here is all you need to know about the collections that were showcased on the ramp. Don’t miss the fashion stars who attended the event.

Six days of fashion walks from ace fashion brands like Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta and Fendi at the Milan Fashion Week have concluded, throwing away the constraints of digital shows or shows without the audience that were imposed by the Covid pandemic, but looks like everything came forward just to be overshadowed by the new world crisis.

After taking off from a few seasons of the fashion shows, the designers and fashion stars are back again to showcase their talent through stylish apparel in the autumn/winter 2022. Alongside, many fashion influencers are expected to join and sit in the front rows to enjoy the fresh looks of this season, as the restrictions for the fashion shows have eased. Yet, many designers chose not to go with the traditional way of showcasing their designs but to take up something different and unique. As the Milan fashion week has concluded, this season was quite an interesting event to determine how the pandemic has impacted the fashion industry. Here we are with the most talked-about presentations that took place at the Milan fashion week this year, so scroll down to see every mind-blowing major moment from the fashion event.

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Gucci’s collection centred around mirrors in reference to one’s personality.

Beginning with Gucci, Alessandro Michele with his collection in paying homage to late Virgil Abloh and his artistic choices. Not just that, the designer also gave a reference to the milestones he has achieved over the years. With the collection centred around the ideology of mirrors, Michele made a connection between mirrors and fashion, of how both of them reflect the personality of an individual. The new collection of men’s suits included new silhouettes, although the items from the brand’s collaboration with Adidas were the real show-stealers.

milan fashion

Versace was a show-stealer with the sexy corsets as the new fashion statement.

milan fashion

The corsets were featured in bodysuits, vests, and crop tops. 

Versace once again came back to the game with sexiness as its power. Donatella Versace reinvented the corset and suits allowing it to become the new vocabulary of the fashion business. The usage of corset boning was seen in the show as it featured in vests, dresses, bodysuits and even in crop tops.

milan fashion

Bottega Veneta showcased something in contrast to its aesthetics. 

milan fashion

The collection included spikey coats and padded silhouettes.

As every fashion follower from the lands far was expecting designer Matthieu Blazy for Bottega Veneta, that’s exactly what happened. Letting go of the aesthetics from his predecessor, Blazy came up with something much contrast. Bulbous made out of spiky fur coats and accessories replaced by padded silhouettes, the collection read an expression of the evolution from Daniel Lee’s reign, whose signature silhouettes and textures were used as an inspiration.

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Basic white tanks were the star of the Prada show. 

Coming to the perfect example of artistic collaboration, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons took a basic white tank top as their invention and made it iconic. This version of the essential by Prada will be the must-have and one of the favourites by all the Instagram darlings out there. The new collection by Prada included exaggerated bomber jackets which resemble the name just fine, boxy coats, shearling jackets with tiered skirts.



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