For all Coffeeholic’ we have Some Facts we Bet You “Did Not” Know About your Favorite Beverage!

If you also believe that coffee is mug-nificent, well you have landed at the right place. Know some engaging facts about your favorite beverage now!

“Going to get coffee by whatever beans necessary,” this has officially become our mood. There is nothing a great cup of coffee can’t fix. From beginning the day with the second most traded product in the world to surviving on it coffee lovers know their passion for it. This beverage, apart from being tempting and having an absolutely incredible taste, has so many health benefits. We have handpicked some captivating facts for all coffee lovers who can’t imagine a day without java. We believe you’d love to know more about this black magic liquid. Read on! 

Coffee Beans
  1. Coffee is consumed by almost 54% of adults daily, and 65% drink during morning hours!
  2. There is no greater lover of coffee than Finland. The annual consumption of this beverage per Finn is 12 kilograms.
  3. We know coffee is in the hands of an admirer since 24% of people drink 13 cups of coffee each week.
  4. No one can beat Honoré de Balzac, a French writer, and playwright during the 19th who used to drink 50 cups of coffee in a day.
  5. Coffee makes for a complex beverage as it has over 1200 compounds with many key compounds that help in digestion and influence’ its flavor.
  1. September 29th is the day you have to dedicate to coffee as it’s regarded as the National coffee day in America.
  2. Kopi Luwak, is the world’s most expensive coffee and it costs about $600 a pound, it is made with elephant droppings.
  3. An average java lover spends roughly $1,092 in a year on the beverage.
  4. The world coffee production is split into 60-40 between Arabica and Robusta respectively.
  5. Albania has 654 coffee shops which is the largest number in the world that too with only 2.5 million inhabitants.
  1. Number 1 city that drinks coffee in New York but Brazil produces the best and the most amount of coffee.
  2. A cafe in South Korea won a record for holding the largest cup of iced coffee of 14,228.1 liters.
  3. Black Ivory coffee is the rarest in the world and is sold to only selected 5-star hotels with an approximate allocation of 215 kg.  


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