Munching On These Healthy Work Snacks Will Keep You Active

The best snacks are nutritious and delicious. Here we are with some quick healthy recipes so you can make healthy snack choices at work.  

Do you also get that snacky feeling in the office while working? But why chomp on those unhealthy wafers or other packaged snacks when you can actually satisfy your craving while keeping your health in check? Here we are with some healthy work-snack options for you that you can make for yourself without getting late.

Dries fruits and Nuts







Filled with nutrients, there is nothing that can replace the goodness of nuts and dried fruits. Not only they are healthy and tasty, but they will also keep your cravings in check. Also, if you find them boring, you can always have a variety of fusions with masalas and other flavours.

Roasted chickpeas and Makhana







Not just at work, but you can munch on these fun snacks any time of the day. All you have to do is roast the makhanas and chickpeas (boiled until cooked) in a pan with some butter or ghee, add some spices according to your taste (red chilli, salt, chat masala, etc), and there you go. These are definitely going to be your favourites.

Fruits and peanut butter







Can’t seem to have much time in the morning to make a work snack for yourself? No sweat. Slice an apple and pack some natural peanut butter with it. This one will satisfy your hunger with protein and other nutrients.

Baked veggie chips







Vegetable chips that have been baked or dried are a healthy, shelf-stable snack. However, some kinds sold in stores are prepared with vegetable oils like canola or soybean oil and include extraneous ingredients.

Masala corn








If you’re wondering this sounds like a task, you’re wrong. Boil some corn, add it to a pan with some butter and your choice of spices to it, and you have your yummy and healthy evening snack ready. Wasn’t that easy-peasy?








Sprouts can actually taste pretty good if they are cooked properly, so stop groaning. In order to maintain good health and a delicious meal, you can also cook a quick chaat or salad with sprouts with some veggies that you like








Bring some instant oats with you, and while you’re at work, reheat them in the microwave with a little milk. You can add additional ingredients to your oats for flavour and nutrients, such as fruits, homemade granola, your preferred seeds, chocolate spread, peanut butter, and other things.

Egg sandwiches







You may make a protein-rich snack that could also serve as a dinner by boiling eggs and placing them on whole wheat bread. You can add whatever sauces and condiments you want. There are countless ways that you can use eggs to prepare a snack.

Hummus and pita chips







Hummus is a great source of fibre, but it also contains some good plant fats that help control blood sugar levels and promote satiety. Pita chips or bread are hummus’s best buddies, as we all know. Go ahead and choose this one since hummus is sold in a variety of flavours.

Avocado toast






A nutritious snack you may prepare at work is avocado on toast. Any bread that you prefer can be lightly toasted. A snack can be made more filling by adding avocado to toast, which also adds extra fibre and good fats.



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