World Heart Day: How to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Happy Always. Read On

World Heart Day: Check out the ways on how you can keep your heart healthy, happy, and away from heart disease.

Our heart is the most important part of our body, and keeping it healthy is the most important work you should never ignore. The heart just needs a few things, and you will be free from heart disease. In today’s world, it is very necessary to take care of your heart. As our lifestyle and eating habits are changing rapidly, it directly affects our hearts.

Heart attacks and strokes are typically brought on by the existence of a number of risk factors, including smoking, a poor diet and obesity, inactivity and alcohol use, hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

So, if you want to stay away from heart issues, you need to follow a series of small changes. Change might not seem so difficult once you have begun. This approach can take more time, but it might motivate you to make important changes.

Keep Your Diet Healthy

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If you want to keep your heart healthy, then you have to keep a combination of different fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and minerals are the best sources to keep yourself healthy that you can easily find in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and high in nutritional fibre.

Fruits and vegetables include substances that may reduce the chance of developing cardiovascular disease, just like other plants or diets based on plants. You might be able to consume fewer high-calorie items if you eat more fruits and vegetables.

Start doing Daily Exercise

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If you do regular and daily physical activity then it can lower the risk of heart disease. Physical activity helps control your weight. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood of developing other illnesses that could strain the heart. Even brief periods of exercise are good for the heart. Exercises that can help you to make your heart healthy are: Jumping Jacks, Jumping Squats, Mountain Climbers, Burpees, etc.

Exercise has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, control weight, boost your energy, and improve stress. If you are still not able to find time for your exercise then at least make a habit of walking or running for at least 30 minutes.

Get Sound Sleep of up to 7 Hours

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As you grow up, your periods of sleep are deprived and it causes a high risk of obesity, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Heart Attacks, Diabetes, and many more which directly affect your heart. Adults should have 7 hours of sleep and children should have 8-9 hours of sleep. Make a schedule and get a sound sleep, so you can wake up fresh and keep yourself away from heart disease.

Quit Smoking and Drinking, as soon as possible you can

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“Smoking is injurious to health” and you cannot deny the fact. Eating tobacco, smoking, and drinking alcohol only causes hundreds of diseases including cardiovascular diseases. Once you quit smoking and drinking, you will automatically gift yourself an extra 10 years of your life.

Visit Your Doctor twice a Year

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It is very much advisable that you visit your doctor twice a year, that is, every six months, to keep a record of your blood pressure level, Cholesterol, sugar level, and weight. Especially if you are 50 or above in age, it should be a must for you. If you keep monitoring your health, than you will stay from any heart disease.

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