Paresh Rawal Celebrates 20 Years of Iconic Comedy Movie “Hungama”

On the 20th year celebration of Hungama movie, Paresh Rawal said that this kind of comedy movie deserves a remake. Read on!

As the iconic comedy movie of 2003 “Hungama” completes 20 years. It’s one of Priyadarshan’s movies that’ll make you laugh till your stomach hurts. Two decades ago today, Paresh Rawal starrer movie hit the theaters and became a blockbuster hit. It also stars Aftab Shivdasani, Akshay Khanna, Shoma Anand, Shakti Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav, and Rimi Sen in the pivotal role. The jaw-dropping ensemble of the cast brings characters to life.

Paresh Rawal Celebrates 20 Years of Iconic Comedy Movie “Hungama”

During an interview, 68-years old actor Paresh Rawal said it’s been 20 years since it was released and this makes me thrilled and proud that the film is adoringly remembered till date. He added “Hungama is a different kind of family entertainer which has today turned  out to be a cult classic”. The actor further added, while working on the film, all the cast members had a lot of fun. It was well-written and directed by Priyadarshani Ji. Producers also properly supported the film. However, we never imagined that it would be turned into a cult classic.

Paresh Rawal Celebrates 20 Years of Iconic Comedy Movie “Hungama”

Paresh Rawal walks down the memory lane and said while working on this project, no one thought that it would turn out to be a big hit or become a timeless film. We just went to the set, did our job, and gave our 100% with honesty. It’s the audience who made it a hit. It’s their love which still keeps the story alive in their minds and hearts for 20 years. The movie follows multiple storylines which connect with each other at some points. It starts with Anjali (Rimi Sen) who’s looking for a job and rental house in Mumbai. Then, she met Aftab Shivadasani who also came to Mumbai to become a music composer. To secure a cheap rental house she feigns marriage to Aftab. Later, Anjali lied to Akshay Khanna to secure her job at his electronics showroom that she is the daughter of businessman Radheshyam Tiwari. And later the trio fell into a love triangle. There is another storyline that goes side by side. The misunderstandings between groups of individuals lead to chaotic and comedy situations.



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