Personal Space – The Secret to a Long-Lasting Relationship

It takes time to establish healthy relationships. But to establish one requires that you learn to apply the concept of personal space. Read on to know why it is necessary and how you can implement it in your own relationship.

Ask anybody for relationship advice and the first thing you’ll get to hear will be to create personal space in your relationship. But exactly how much space do we need to give ourselves when it comes to relationships? And how much before that space becomes too much space? Striking the right balance is important, but at the same time, striking that balance is the hard part. We may not always know what that right balance is and given the past few years, the concept of personal space has almost vanished. When couples spend so much time together, lines get blurred and space becomes almost non-existent. But even though it is difficult, it is still important to maintain healthy boundaries and give ample space to each other. Let’s see just why this space is essential and how to go about establishing it in your own relationships.


A healthy relationship requires a healthy amount of space and boundaries.

What is personal space

First of all, personal space in a relationship means taking the time to put yourself first and take some time out for yourself and your wants and needs. Making these choices is what is going to put you in a better mindset to take better care of yourself and by extension, your relationship. Some psychologists even claim that having enough space and privacy is more important for a couple’s happiness than having a good sex life and we actually agree; well, to an extent since sex is actually an important component. Coming back to personal space, having your own set of interests, friends, and enough time for yourself makes you and your partner happier and less bored. Time alone will provide you with time to process your own thoughts, pursue hobbies and personal interests and relax without having any responsibilities to others. Having some time apart ensures couples don’t suffocate each other and end up fighting due to lack of space. It helps maintain freshness in the relationship since you will have new things to talk about which is something that can be hard to do when you’re together for so long.

One important factor that can influence the need for space is one’s attachment style – this is related to your bonding with your parents during your upbringing. But that is a topic for another day, so let’s get back to personal space. some statistics claim that women are less likely to get personal space and time for themselves since they have less time to themselves than men. This is a shame since women are more relationship-oriented than men and are likely to have more friends than males. But this is easily remedied so let’s see how both partners can create personal space in their relationship for a happier time.


Communicate clearly and convey your needs to your partner without any hesitation. 

How to Create Personal Space

Communicate Clearly With Your Partner

The most important thing to do is to hold open communication with your partner. Discuss why you might need to take some time off to yourself on the regular and be honest and upfront about your needs. This will make it easy for your partner to know how they can accommodate your need for space. This is a helpful tip for both of you since your partner can also request the space they need without it coming off negative and causing you to panic.

Schedule Breaks For Self-Care

Spending quality time together is important, but so is spending quality time with yourself. Figure out what makes you happy, and what you need to feel refreshed, and schedule some time off for yourself to practice self-care. If self-care looks like walking daily in the park, you can do so. If it means practicing yoga for 5 minutes daily, then by all means, do that!


Make sure you make and nurture connections outside of your relationship as well.

Don’t Feel Guilty For Taking Time Off

There is no need to feel guilty about enjoying your time off. Everyone needs some space from time to time and it has nothing to do with your relationship or the amount of love you hold for your partner.

Broaden Your Support System

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, their friend circle becomes yours and vice-versa. But it is important to have some friends outside of this shared space so that you can freely talk to each other which makes it easy to maintain your relationship. It is important to maintain your friendships and relationships for your own peace of mind. So, make sure you talk to new people and nurture the connections outside of your relationships as well.


Don’t be afraid to ask for personal space. It just might be the thing you need to refresh your relationship. 

We’ll sign off by reiterating that personal space is an extremely important aspect in every relationship. Relationships can be like stocks – sometimes they will be volatile and other times they might flatline. To ensure your relationship is smooth sailing, make sure you spend some time apart regularly and recharge your batteries. Personal space is not a scary concept, don’t be afraid to create some boundaries in your relationship. It just might be the thing that ensures your relationship stays fresh for a very long time.


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