10 movies every “Desi kid” should watch to break the stereotype

Every Genz and brown kid believes in the quality of a movie, checkout these selected Bollywood and Hollywood movies that breaks the stereotypes. Grab a seat with your peers and watch them Now!!

Every brown household kid believes that stereotype exists. Though it can take a while for other kids to realize the discrimination, and stereotypes. Though these stereotypes have been so repetitive over these years in movies, families, or gathering that it is being normalized as a standard. Though not every movie can break stereotypes, has comedy and make you cry. But these movies’ suggestions do all of it.


  • Dangal

Dangal took a different turn for women in sports, check the movie now!!

Dangal got released in 2016, it’s Amir khan movie. This movie is directed by Nitesh Tiwari and it broke the stereotype that a girl playing “dangal”. Dangal is an Indian sport that is being played from Chalukya and Mughal emperor’s years. The fun fact of these games it is played by men alone. No women have made any records in this sport. Amir khan’s daughter struggles and face challenges not only as a sportsman but even as a “girl sport”. Watch to find out, how she overcomes “Indian stereotypes”.


  • Little women

Four sisters explores their own world, with a single parent support. Watch now this classic movie!

An old classic movie “Little woman”, which was released in 2019. It is about four sisters and a single mother who manages the house. Every character in this movie stands out, jo, Amy, March, Emma who stick together as sisters but hold ambitious goals. Jo March, their elder who is supposed to get married first, she denies and goes on becoming a writer. It is an inspirational and classic movie which every woman will love!


  • Pad Man

Finally a movie which speaks on the issue of sanity pads.

Pad Man was released in 2018, which starred Akshay Kumar. This movie broke the hush-hush issue of pads, into exposing it. In rural areas where periods can be a shameful or hidden thing, this movie boldly speaks out the message. Whenever you see Akshay Kumar in a movie, you will find drama and comedy. This movie holds a message and is comedic which will be a fun watchlist for your movie night.


  • Moonlight

“Moonlight” deals with issue of identity,culture and complexity of gender issue. 

One of the finest movies which encourages a kid to explore his identity. This movie represents a part of Black American chiron, who struggles with some deep issues. As he gets neglected or ignored by his mom, he fixes it to satisfy her carnal needs. His identity and cultural differences become an important part of this movie. To know how he deals with the stereotype, Watch it.


  •  Dum laga ke haisha

Dum Laga ke haisha has the drama, comedy and inspiration side. Good suggestion for a movie night.

This Bollywood movie was released in 2015. Every Indian household approves a traditional, slim and pretty woman for marriage. Though this whole discussion comes to the conclusion, standard for Indian wives. This Bollywood movie will lead you towards a fun, dramatic, motivational, adventurous ride. It is about a woman who has gained a lot of weight and faces degrading talks about herself. Watch on, to know more!!


  • Colette

Colette plays a standout women character who breaks gender stereotype in the movie. Watch this now!

Keira Knightley is an actress featuring the character Colette, which was released in 2018. It is about a married couple, the girl marries a Parisian writer, Willy. Colette is the wife, who is from France, a rural area. Her interesting character reveals some standout moments in the movie. She fights for ownership, gender roles and stereotypes, revolution literature, and sexual expression. Colette is a character who broke the stereotypes and can amaze any desi kid’s mind.


  • Pink

Prefer thriller and crime genres? then this is for you!

Pink was released in 2016 and it involves Bollywood best actors Amitabh Bachan, Deepika Padukone, Tapsee pannu, and Kriti kulhari. The movie gets interesting when Deepika Padukone fights as a lawyer against the molestation. The movie is intense but the actors made the movie quite impactful and realistic. If your genre choices come under crime and drama, then you should give this a try!


  • Ki and ka

What happens when gender stereotypical roles get exchanged in a marriage? Watch now!

Ki & ka is a Bollywood which got released in 2016. This movie includes pooh Karena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. This movie revolves around changing of gender roles in a marriage, sounds interesting. Right? Arjun Kapoor chooses to be a house-husband and kareena Kapoor the woman of the house, who earns. To see this exchange of roles, can work or not? Then watch it!!


  •  Mom

This bollywood movie got released  in 2017.  Watch now to see how fearless mom fight for her daughter.

Mom is a Bollywood movie, in which Sridevi plays a huge role. A movie about motherhood, but this movie reveals a step-mom going great lengths for the child. Usually, step-mom is seen as bad, cruel, and harsh to their daughter but this breaks the stereotypes. Arya the daughter gets harshly attacked and her mom fights for her. This movie holds a meaningful message, where tissues will not be
enough. It comes under the genre of crime, thriller, and drama; this movie will hold your attention.


  •  The half of it

Genz movie which wil not disappoint you, add this in your watchlist!

This movie is from the era of Genz, it got released in 2020. It is about a Chinese American girl who is an Asian introvert person. She finds a good guy friend. These both characters fall in love with the popular girl, but the ending will shock you. This movie breaks the stereotype about gender relationships and encourages diverse perspective. If this holds your attention, then pick this movie for your weekends.



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