4 Musical Under-Dogs That You Must Have Never Heard Of

Who Doesn’t Like a Good Orgasm in Their Ears? Check Out These Genres That Would Make Your Ears Go Ou-La-La! 

“Music can change the world because it can change people” once quoted Paul David Hewson better known as Bono, an Irish singer. Music has the power to heal everything. Be it your not-so-good mood or an excited one, music takes care of everything, carelessly.

Now as each and every human is bestowed with a different mindset and different schools of thought, everyone is bound to have different music tastes. Some people like hard rock, some people like jazz. But the common thing between every music lover is that it provides a sense of satisfaction that no other thing in this universe can adorn them with.

As exciting as music sounds, it is beautiful to its deepest core. Everyone knows about the popular genres but no one knows about the underdogs of the music world. Today, we will tell you about these underdogs because after all, Music is for all. And who knows? Maybe you will find your next favourite genre too!

1) Glitch Hop

You must have heard about the popular musical genre Hip-Hop, but have you heard about Glitch-Hop? Well, it is a variation of hip-hop but quite frankly, it’s more fun. Hip-Hop became popular among Latino Americans, African Americans, and Caribbean Americans in the 70s. 

Since then, it has been the “Voice of people”. Any hip-hop fans here? If you are, then you must be in luck today because Glitch Hop will please you the same. It basically fuses Hip-Hop with the glitching techniques that were used before.

These techniques included chopping, screwing, lo-fi sound, beat repeat, and some other sound effects. Although, its roots date back into the era of psychedelic Hip-Hop, Through the time it has evolved closer to modern-day EDM music tracks. Some of the early records that adopted this genre were Prefuse 73 & Flying Lotus. Do give it a listen and discover how beautiful music can be.


2) Lowercase 

Initially founded by Steven Roden, lowercase is rather a very interesting genre. While everyone was busy making dance beats and poppy music culture was digging its roots deep into the music industry in the 2000s, lowercase was focused on the more soothing side.

Maybe that was the reason that it was not so popular till 2002. Roden made sure this genre gets what it deserves and it is quite prevalent in his album called “Forms of Paper”. You can say that lowercase set up the base for all the modern-day ASMR tracks.

This method includes amplifying the sound to make a piece of ambient electronic music that not only satisfies your ears but also satisfies the soul. These sounds are high in-depth and create an aura that is way beyond partying and dancing. Being more on the soothing side, it would be bliss for the people who just want to relax and have a good peaceful day.


3) Vaporwave 

As the name suggests, this music genre took off as quickly as vapour in a hot bath. It indeed created a wave that has not yet been quenched. Vaporwave can easily be called the “Underdog” of the music industry. 

Nowadays, more budget is set for the visuals than the music and beats themselves. Well, you may ask that where did this trend come from? Vaporwave started it all. Unlike many other genres, Vaporwave still has a quite chunk of audience.

It is a form of micro-genres that got popular from Chuck Person’s 2010 LP Eccojams Vol. 1 and Far Side Virtual released by James Ferraro in 2011. It included 1990s computer imagery, checkboard floors, Japanese lettering, and 3D Animation which made the overall album more appealing. So, if you do like the visuals the same as you like your music, you can definitely check this one out!


4) Hypnagogic Pop

You all must have heard about the Pop genre. Right? Well, the normal Pop genre represents today’s modern era music but Hypnagogic Pop is one of a kind. Sounding like a medicine or a chemical’s name, Hypnagogic pop is more of medicine for your ears.

Taking reference from its name, it tends to hypnotize you. Not exactly but Hypnagogic literally means a state in which a person is about to or has fallen asleep. The faint memories that you may have where you are not asleep and not awake too. Relatable right? 

It was discovered somewhere around the 1980s. In the modern-day high-pressured environment, many people still listen to this genre while they go to sleep. How about you try it and tell us how it felt?

Customized to create dream-like psychedelia, Hypnogogic is a heavily slowed down music genre and sometimes sound loops also play a prevalent role. Ariel Pink and C V L T S were some of the most popular singers associated with this Pop genre. 



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