Abracadabra This Palette Away

Not even any magical spells could make this palette perfect. Yes, we’re talking about the abracadabra la palette from Christian Louboutin. Read on to know why!

Just the name Christian Louboutin is enough to make one chomp at the bit to purchase whatever beauty product they come up with. This time too it is the same – the Abracadabra La Palette made us highly excited to try it out. However, even the best of them don’t come out on top sometimes, as is the case here. If you want to know whether you should splurge on this eyeshadow palette or not, read on and make an informed decision.

We’ve picked out the Rose Pigalle and the Bronze Eloise palettes, and we will be taking a deep dive into the efficiency of the eyeshadows, but let’s take a look at the case first. Do you remember when you were a little kid and bought a new play set that you saw on tv but on opening, it turned out everything else actually needed to be purchased separately? And then you found yourself stuck with an empty dollhouse with no dolls? Well, it was an acutely disappointing feeling, and that’s the exact feeling you get when you purchase this set. Although it is not the first time that a luxury brand is selling its cases separately, nor the last, it is still disappointing, and most people prefer that the products come together with a set price, making things easier.

Abracadabra This Palette Away

Abracadabra La Palette from Christian Louboutin

No doubt the cases are gorgeous, and give off a rockstar-glam vibe with the spikes, and come in two colour options; with the black one having a red bottom – a homage to the red soles of Louboutin’s shoes. By the way, these don’t even come with a dust bag!

The eyeshadow palette is available in three shade selections, and each palette has 6 six colours in it. There is also a blush and highlighter palette that we’re mentioning here because they fit into the same case too. But we’re here to dissect two of the eyeshadow palettes, and that’s what we’re going to do. The eyeshadows are smooth in application and well pigmented, and overall, they come together to create beautiful eye looks. But, as usual, there is a catch here; the quality and formulation are not that exceptional, to be very honest here, these looks are achievable even with drugstore palettes which are definitely not something we should be seeing from luxury brands. Although the overall quantity of the product – Abracadabra 6g for the whole palette – is not that impressive when you look at the weight of each individual palette – 1g.

Abracadabra This Palette Away

Product: The Radiant Skintint SPF 30. 

The palettes are not well balanced; the Rose Pigalle palette creates majorly shimmery and sparkly looks. Whilst the Bronze Eloise comes with 2 gold shades which makes zero sense, but one is very understated and the other is very dark and dramatic and the palette has only one matte shade. The powdery formula tends to escape when being applied, and the gold shimmer in the brown shade ends up in the eye when you apply it on the lower lash line. Bottom line, the eyeshadows offer good pigmentation, and if you wish to try your hand at luxury palettes, this is the one you should be getting your hands on.



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