Christmas Tree Was Founded in This Country…

The Merry Bells of Christmas Are About to Go Haywire, But Before That, Here’s A Place That You Can Visit in This Holy Festival!

December is mostly known for the chilly and snowy roads and Santa Claus sliding on your roofs dropping gifts for you on the 25th. Well, the snowy roads have been taken care of in the Speed section. Now, it’s time for Christmas.

The merriest festival of all the one’s in the year is Christmas. It marks the happy ending of the ear and the last official holiday that is supposed to be spent with all the merry living beings around you; your family.

Originally a Christian festival, Christmas marks the birth of Lord Jesus. Keeping the vividness and the changing traditions in mind, every country has their own style of celebrating Christmas. Today, we are going to talk about a hidden gem in Europe, which can give one of the best experiences to say Merry Christmas aloud!

Christmas tree

Fun Facts About Estonia 

  • A country located in the Northern hemisphere of the European continent; Estonia celebrates Christmas like nothing else. The capital of the country Tallin is known for the most enthusiastic Christmas spirit.
  • It holds the record of having the First Christmas Tree in the world which was erected there in 1441. To our surprise, that tree still stands erected after centuries in the Town Hall Square of the city. 
  • Cobblestone Street in the capital lights up with lanterns to celebrate the holiness of this festival, it’s a sight to melt for when the snow is taking over the roofs and the streets and the lights are glimmering on the white snow making it appear colourful, that’s what Christmas is all about.
  • Estonia is also one of the least crowded countries in Europe. With only three major states: Tallinn, Tartu, & Narva crossing the mark of more than 50,000 people residing in it. People are quite friendly here and they are always ready to help. During this time of Covid-19, the country with the least population is like bliss in hell.


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