Every Men Should Swear By these 3 Best Methods To Get Rid of Dark Circles Au-Naturel Baby!

Touch the Skin Under Your Eyes. Did You Feel Any Puffiness? Oh Boy! We Have to Talk About Something Here.

Skin-care becomes care-less when it comes to men. For decades, skincare has been associated with females only. Beauty products for women have been taking space from the shelves and are in great demand, on the other hand, men just don’t care about their skin and wellbeing.

Going to gyms and pumping up those huge muscles is considered fit and fine, but is it? No, you are not fit when your skin is speaking the other way. It is as important as going to the gym and jogging a mile. Devoting a wee bit of time to your skin will ramp up your personality like nothing else. The glow that you will get from a healthy is unmatchable and will not only make you look good but also boost up your confidence.

We dug up a little bit and found out that dark circles and puffiness is indeed a very common skin problem that every man has to go through. I mean who like the heavy dark circles beneath their eyes? Exactly, no one. Stay tuned to find out how you can make your dark circle disappear like the woman behind the curtain in a circus!

dark circles


Before getting to the part where we tell how to avoid them or make them vanish, first it is important to know the root cause of dark circles and puffy eyes. The foremost reason for getting dark circles is age. As you get older, oil accumulates beneath the eyes in form of baggy sacks. 

Fatigue is also a very prominent factor that can contribute to dark circles. When your sleep schedule gets bad, dark circles can worsen day by day. Over and under sleeping both are the signs of a disturbed sleeping schedule. 

Constant strain on the eye also makes your eye work excessively. For focusing properly and balancing the light, our eye has to make extra efforts. These efforts, if multiplied on a daily basis, can be the reason for those dark circles.

Natural Remedies

For some of you who loves to go natural and don’t like to expose your skin to the harmful chemicals that could be found in cosmetic products, we got some all-natural remedies that could heal you up. But remember, natural remedies need patience. 

Caffeinated Tea Bags 

Teabags have been known for possessing some rejuvenating anti-oxidants that can help in lighting the dead skin cells or removing them. Green tea in particular is also known for having anti-inflammatory properties which can help in removing those under-eye bags.

Take 2 tea bags and let them rest in the refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes. Take those tea bags out and squeeze the extra liquid out. Carefully place them under your eye for 15-30 minutes and let the magic work.

dark circles

Cold Compress

Cold compressing can also be very beneficial for the affected area. It does not just feel good and cold but it increases the blood flow under the eyes, making those under-eye bags disappear like they were not even there. 

Cold cucumber, Wet washcloth, Chilled teaspoon, and frozen bags could be some of the DIY cold compressors. Now is your time to shine, be creative and choose the best for you!

dark circles

Proper Sleep and Hydration

Sleep and fatigue can be major contributors when it comes to dark circles. A healthy sleep ranges from anywhere between 6-9 hours. When it comes to being hydrated, a healthy person should consume anything between 1-3 litres of water in a day.



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