Five Myths And Facts About Pet Cats

Whether you are cat person or not but there are 5 common myths about cats which you really need to know and get your facts right.

Cats are very playful creatures and beloved pets in the world and are known for their mysterious behaviour and independence. Most people judged them and see them as bad omens, negative, and selfish creatures. However, on the other hand, many people loved the company of this furry companion. Whether it’s Mrs Morris from Harry Potter (Maine coons breed) or Snowman from Stuart Little (Persian Cats), somewhere we all love these furry creatures. There are also some misconceptions about pet cats, which widely spread over the years. Here we busted some common myths about pet cats and get your facts right.

Cats can see in total darkness






This is absolutely a myth. While cats has better eye vision than we do but still they can’t see in absolute darkness. They need a small amount of light to see in the dark. They need 1/6th amount of light than humans to see in darkness. They just rely on other senses such as hearing or touching to navigate in the totally dark area.

Neutering or Spaying has health benefits






It’s a fact. First, understand the term, what is “Neutering and Spaying”? When a male cat is sterilised it’s called neutering, on the other hand, when a female cat is sterilised it’s called spaying. According to various studies, neutering or spaying can increase your furry companion’s life expectancy by 1-5 years and reduce the risk of developing cancers and other health-related problems. It also helps to control their undesirable behaviour such as aggression and spraying.

Milk is good for your feline friend






It’s not true. Many people think that cats love milk and it’s great for them but it’s not true. Cats has a great sense of smell and get attracted towards milk, yoghurt and other dairy products because of the high protein and fats but it causes many health problems.

When a cat is born they have lactase enzyme like humans which helps to break down lactose but as they age a vast majority of cats become lactose intolerant because by 6 months of age, many cats lose that enzyme. Drinking milk can cause health issues such as diarrhoea, vomiting and indigestion problems. Stick to water for hydration purposes and well-balanced cat food are good for them.

Pregnant women will get infected by cats






Well, it’s partly true. Pregnant women can get infected by cat faeces, which is called Toxoplasmosis. People often get infected with this infection when they eat undercooked meat and expectant mother also get this infection from contact with cat faeces. As long as you avoid contact with its faeces or litter box, there should be no problem. You can snuggle with your furry companion.

Your feline friend always land on their feet






It’s a myth that this furry creature always lands on its feet. Cats are good climbers but not always they jumped from a height and stand on their feet, so many times they get injured. Veterinarians called it a “high-rise syndrome”. When a cat jumped from a great height they have time to twist its body and spine for a safe landing instead of a short height fall, where they don’t get enough time and can sustain injury.



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