“Open Relationship” What’s That? Is It A Fit For You?


Is an Open Relationship a safe option for healthier relationships? Well, all your concerns, doubts have answers, read to find out more.

An open relationship, is when two people agree to live together committedly but do allow the other partner to have a relationship outside for their emotional, sexual needs. Sounds interesting! Even “Open relationship” has a term called non-monogamous. Where both partners permit and accept other partner to experience other people through romantically and sexually.

But, just as every relationship requires some essential boundaries to survive, this one has it too. Accepting new ideas or new ways to make your relationship interesting requires the partners approval.

Sometimes, non-monogamy is categorized as cheating, but here is something you did not realize. It is not cheating or a affair, this requires both the partners to know the nature of the relationship and approve the rules, boundaries and expectations. If your partner or spouse disagrees or you try to hide it, it’s called “cheating” and affair. Let’s find out, if open-relationship is a fit for you or not:

  • They want to love more than one person

Non-monogamy relationship has its own benefits and rules.

The non-monogamy relationship starts with who wants to stay together and wants to see other people. Though if you start your question with your relationship therapist, How do I get my partner to approve of an open relationship? Then it’s probably starting at the wrong point and your relationship will be at risk.

This phrase implies that one spouse is interested and wants the other to bend according to his/her needs, bending others for your needs will not benefit anyone to enjoy the benefits of non-monogamy. Interests should be spoken out but not forced, that’s the first rule it should be respected or end the relationship.

  • Foundations of honesty and confidence in a relationship

What is the secret of a healthy open-relationship?

Every relationship begins with the foundation of honesty and confidence. A open-relationship requires vulnerable and honest conversation and a huge amount of trust to make an open relationship work.

It becomes essential for the both the partners/spouse to communicate clearly and openly about their kinks, sexual needs, emotional needs or even physical needs, you are require to have flexible and open communication with your partner. If you find yourself in that foundation, it can be a healthy point for your relationship to take new-turns.

  • Mixed-orientation relationship

Mixed-orientation is a part of open-relationship.

“Mixed-orientation” sounds like a new term? Its about two partners who does not have same sexual orientation. As in some cases, bisexual spouse explores their attraction with the same-sex while keeping the commitment with their original partners. It respects or allows the other person to explore and hook-up with their own sex, but not as a partner. 

  • Plan check-ins

Check-in or conflict.

The starting adventurous ride of “open-relationship” is interesting and it’s hard to predict what might show up with your spouse’s emotions and situation, which is why it requires plan check-ins. Almost every successful Open-relationship does check-in, for ex- you should be sharing how you felt and discuss new rules or boundaries if the other partners want to keep. Keep it open, clear and honest with your partner, this helps you not deal with huge issues later or risky ending. If you find your relationship already having the check-ins routine then it can be a fit for you.

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