Resolve to make this New Year a great one for your relationship. Here are five tips from Natalie Saboleva that you shpould do to strengthen your relationship and the bond you have with your partner. 


Age: 36

From: Russia

Vital stats: 36-23-36

Facebook: natalysoboleva13

Instagram: @natalysoboleva13


Sort out your priorities.


1. Make Coffee For your Special Someone

There is nothing more romantic than waking up in the morning feeling the harsh aroma of coffee in the air, wrapping yourself in the comfort of a dressing gown and padding barefoot into the kitchen. You see your sweetheart at the stove and tenderly put your arms around him from behind…kiss his neck. You distract him from making coffee and playfully pull him back to bed … it’s a perfect morning!

2. Porch Sit

It’s when you go far, far away, sit and cuddle together, admire the sunset which gradually gives place to the stars, daydream and make plans and then take off each other’s clothes and search for the stars on your bodies.


You see your sweetheart at the stove and tenderly put your arms around him from behind…kiss his neck.

3. Use Technology The Right Way

Use household appliances for their intended use. Act like a dumb blonde and ask your boyfriend to give you a helping hand with the coffee machine and other appliances and make fragrant coffee together in the morning.

4. Create A Bucket List Together

Share your cherished dreams with each other. Sort out your priorities. Take a large sheet of paper, stick pictures from the magazine on it, draw whatever you want to achieve and write your wishes. Put a picture of you together in the centre of the sheet! Hang it on the wall in your bedroom. This is your vision board. All your dreams will come true without fail.


Kiss each other and be overwhelmed with happiness!

5. Celebrate The Milestone Moments

Establish a new tradition and create your own special holidays. Let it be your secret. A day earlier you prepare the presents, you hide them in the morning, leave notes all around the house, perform the tasks trying to outshine each other and then have fun and rustle with paper while unwrapping the presents having a special meaning, the presents that you will always hold dear to your hearts. Special and unique. Kiss each other and be overwhelmed with happiness!



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