Is that a ‘Hickey’? Don’t get embarrassed and follow these smart ways to cover those marks from your wild night!


There are times when things get a little naughty while having a moment of passion, and then it leaves that red-blue bruised mark as a ‘love bite’. No need to worry, follow these easy and instant tips to get rid of them.

Having an intimate moment feels special when you and your partner make time for each other amidst your busy schedules. While there are times when things are extremely passionate between partners, the naughtiness gets a little too much in the heat of the moment and leaves behind love marks or hickeys.

Well, other than anyone else, it could get a lot more awkward for you to face your mother if you are the one who lives with your parents. If that is not the case, you could have an important meeting the following day, which might be too embarrassing to attend with that mark visible on your neck. Not to tease you, but how long are you going to use that ‘mosquito bite’ excuse to get rid of that mark?

Now you don’t have to be embarrassed for those love marks on your neck because we got some smart ways to hide them. 

To save the day and help you, here is a list of some ways that can help you get rid of hickeys or love bites in no time.

You can even use ice packs to lighten the mark of that hickey. 

  • Try that Cold Therapy

Cold compress is known to be the best way to get rid of the ‘love bite’ situation. For this, all you need is an ice pack and put it on the affected area for good 15-20 minutes right after you get a hickey. This will not only give a soothing effect on your skin but will also lighten the mark and in no time, the hickey will be gone. To make the process easy, you can even freeze a spoon and use it for the compress.

Honestly, Aloe Vera is the best natural remedy for any skin related issue. 

  • Aloe Vera to the rescue

Is there anything aloe vera can’t fix? NO. Aloe vera is the OG of all skincare remedies, let it be acne, scars or even hickeys. All you need to do is apply some aloe vera gel on that passionate love mark and it will do wonders. For better results, you can freeze aloe vera gel into ice cubes and apply it twice or thrice. Thank you, nature, for giving us this magical plant with so many anti-oxidant and healing properties, which helps to reduce swelling and redness.

Try and use gel-based toothpaste to get rid of that mark

  • Tooth-paste it

Take a small amount of toothpaste and apply it to the affected area well and leave it for a few minutes. We know that will feel a little bit of that tingling sensation, but isn’t it better to deal with the tingling than get embarrassed in front of your family, friends or colleagues? After a few minutes, wipe it off with the help of a warm washcloth.

Make sure the bristles of the brush are soft, so they don’t irritate your skin. 

  • Brush the bristles off!

Another way is to use those soft bristles of your brush but, make sure the bristles are soft or it could make that hickey worse. Rub the bristles a little on the area and it will revive the blood circulation. Do not rub the bristles for more than 3-4 minutes.

Now we know why Dua Lipa said ‘Kiss and Makeup!’

  • Make-it-up with concealer

Still can’t get rid of that hickey? Oh boy, someone had a wild time! Well, you need to tell your partner to go a little easy on you. Well last, but not the least is concealer, and boys this is why you need to know the benefits of this wonderful makeup product we have. Apply a little concealer and blend it well till that mark disappears.