Learning These 2 Casino Games Will Make You The Next Dan Bilzerian

Going In A Casino Is What Everybody Dreams of, But Returning From A Casino With Money In Your Pocket In Not What Everyone Can Do!

Enjoyment is not just a word – it’s an emotion. An emotion which might not be the same for everyone but the gist of it remains constant. To enjoy is to let yourself free from all the stress, all the commotion going on in your brain. It certainly makes you feel alive and happy. But it’s a feeling that nobody wants to ever get out of. While enjoyment is indescribable – the methods used to achieve this feeling can be determined. One of them is casinos. How many casino lovers have we got in the house? Well, you all are in for a treat because we are just about to tell you about casino games that have been one of the top-rated ones for decades. Want to know which? Hang on tight!

The House of Keno

Played as a lottery or in modern casinos – Keno is a game that rhymes with a casino. Jokes apart, dating back to its French roots ‘Keno’ was founded in China and according to ancient Chinese, this game was supposedly responsible for raising funds for the great wall of China.

In the late 19th century, the lottery business in China was deemed to be as illegal. 1847 was the year when the ruling Portuguese government ordered that licenses should be given to the lottery vendors. This was the era when Keno boomed and everybody was suddenly interested in the game.

Referred to as ‘Keno’, this game was introduced to the western world by the Chinese immigrants which then got converted into a gambling game and was finally awarded the name which it goes by today.


Played as a lottery or in modern casinos – Keno is a game that rhymes with a casino.

How To Play 

  • Firstly, as this is a game where you have to choose your spots – the first step will be choosing the perfect spot between one and twelve. After choosing the spot, you will have to choose the number that is between 1-80 and the combination of these two will decide your fate.
  • If you playing through a machine, you can easily choose the feature of Quic pic where random numbers will be assigned to you from the lottery computer. Each unique combination has its unique prizes.
  • After the numbers have been finalised, you must choose a wager (the amount you want to bet). Mostly, as this is a quite high-risk-inducing game, the wager ranges between $1-$20 in the United States – although, it may vary in your region.
  • If you tend to play with the same number in multiple rounds, you need to mark the number and make sure that it is yours. How many drawings can you play with the same number? 30 consecutive drawings.
  • Now as everything is set, you can give your bet slip to the lottery operator or tell him to Quic Pic if you want.

War – The Card Battleground 

Card games have been a very essential element of the casino world. Gambling will be incomplete if we remove cards from it. Just like this, war is a card game that is also quite on the popular side with its unique dealing and sharp strategies.

Talking of the game, it is not much complicated and even can be played with only two players on board and with a regular deck of cards. This game is also known as “Battle” in the United Kingdom and “Bettlemann” in Germany.

As most other casino games require a precise strategy to win, there is no such thing here. Even a 12-year-old can play this game and that too is quite phenomenally. You just need to have a basic knowledge of determining the card grid and values.


This game is also known as “Battle” in the United Kingdom and “Bettlemann” in Germany.

How To Play

  • Make the objective clear first-hand – winning all the cards. The cards are divided evenly amongst the participants. The first point of reveal comes when the players have to show the top card in their deck without seeing it.
  • The player with the highest card (Aces) takes all the other top cards and makes them a part of their deck. This is known as “Battle”. But if in the same scenario, two cards are of the same value, the situation then will be called “War”.
  • In the case of war, both of the players place the next three cards face down and one card facing up. The highest value of the upward-facing card will decide the winner. The winner adds all the cards to their deck. If the value is again the same, the process is repeated.
  • The player to lose all the cards first is the loser, and the player with the greatest number of cards is deemed to be the winner.


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