Reviewing the Tom Ford Biker Jacket here!

If you are wondering what goes behind the manufacturing of clothes behind the closed gates of Tom Ford’s house, you are at the right place. Read below to know everything you can!


Tom Ford is a prominent name that comes to our mind when we talk about men’s fashion. Founded back in 2005, Tom Ford released the first menswear collection in April 2007. Womenswear came late in the year 2010. His thriving business has acquainted the brand with thousands of customers who have been kind enough to review his products time and again.

A piece from Tom Ford’s recent collection has struck with his customers. This is the stylish looking smooth grain asymmetric biker jacket. You can find this product on the wish list of many and some already wearing this while going out every day.

Although the jacket seems to be flawless from various corners, it still has some features that disheartened the fans. You can get to know about all these features and much more by reading below!

Starting with where to find this jacket, you can spot it easily on Tom Ford’s website or if you like to go out, you can also find it at a Tom Ford store. The customer service is quite appreciated while some customers show concerns during the return process.

When you buy this jacket, you will get a much stylish and sexy look as desired by many. It is the iconic biker style jacket with slim sleeves and a body that hugs yours which also means that you might not be able to wear ticker layers beneath it. Plus, the size varies only slightly.

Biker Jacket

Price: approx. Rs. 5,24,000

It has a smooth buttery feel to it which is probably because of the supple and soft leather. However, this does not mean that Tom Ford uses the best materials. In reality, Tom Ford focuses more on the supply chain than the material itself. The leather used for making Tom Ford leather jackets is majorly sourced from animals in the food industry which ensures that the hides don’t go to waste. However humane this practice may sound, it still isn’t cruelty free.

Apart from this, the attention to detail is something that Tom Ford can be praised for given that the hand-dying process on the stamped leather product makes the piece more authentic and the double zip closures are also right in place.

All in all, if you want a reliable piece of clothing that can be worn with style and give you an extra layer of warmth, this jacket is an option to consider.


Price: approx. Rs. 5,24,000



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