You Won’t Believe These Weird Jobs Even Existed

If you are bored with your regular job, would you try your hands at these not-so-common jobs?

‘What do you want to become when you grow up?’ is the question we all have been asked many times in our childhood and we have also been very confident while saying our made-up dream job (that didn’t even make sense sometimes) in front of people. While growing up we realised that life is not that easy-peasy and we have to do a sane job to earn a living, I’m sure we miss those jobs we thought we’ll do in our childhood.

Waterpark tester

weird professions

A job full of adventure, we’re jealous.

If you’re wondering if it is what it really sounds like, you are not wrong. If you’re someone who loves to explore and have an adventure in life, you might want to take up this profession where all you have to do is play in the water all day but, keep all the safety measures in mind before reviewing a slide in the waterpark. You get to have fun in the water and that too without spending a single penny. Also, don’t worry because there will be medical help available, you know if you break a bone or two.  

Ostrich babysitter

weird professions

Just make sure they don’t poke the shit out of you, too?

Look at that cute face, doesn’t it look like the job would be easier than babysitting a human child? Oh, yes, it is! the job of an ostrich babysitter is to just sit and keep an eye on the ostriches so they don’t poke each other.

Rental partner

weird professions

*Rich single people booking their ticket to Tokyo*

If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, you might have heard about this job. If you have not, no need to worry as we are here to tell you about it. In Tokyo, if you’re single but rich, you can spend some money and get yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend for rent. Although we’re not sure what this rental partner will do (or not do), would you like to be someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend if you can make money out of it?

Professional sleeper

weird professions

Where can I apply for this job?

If you are thinking ‘Oh I wish I could have this job’ trust me, you’re not alone. So, if you’re bored with your regular 9-5 job, why not take up a job where you can get paid for sleeping. While professional sleepers are sleeping, scientists conduct experiments with sleeping disorders and cycles.

Furniture tester

weird professions

How fun would it be?

Isn’t that interesting? The job is to test the newly made furniture like beds, couches, sofas and other furniture t help the makers come across the thing if the product made is comfortable or not, how weird is that? Also, the person has to ensure that the furniture doesn’t have any stains or marks before it goes into the market for sale.

Lice remover

weird professions

Removing lice from someone’s hair is an actual job.

If you or someone around you have ever had lice in your hair, you know what a tiring struggle it is to get rid of these little blood-sucking insects. But did you know that there are people, whose job is to remove the lice in one’s hair? That’s pretty weird and shocking.

Deodorant tester

weird professions

Deodorant testers, hats off to you!

This one would suit someone who has a habit of poking his/her nose into other people’s business. JK. Here, the person hired has to sniff on the other person’s armpits to find out if and how well the odour-fighting properties of the deodorant are working. Ew, but this actually being a job, stinks.



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