These Strangely Weird Laws Around The World Are Hard To Believe

It is quite hard to believe that laws like these even exist in the world.

Every country has its laws and regulations but some of them are just so hard to believe. Below mentioned are some of the most bizarre laws around the globe which honestly, don’t make much sense, especially the last one. So go and know about them here.

Chewing Gum in Singapore is illegal

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You are not allowed to chew gum in Singapore.

If you are planning to visit Singapore, make sure you are not carrying any chewing gums, you can pack mouth fresheners as an alternative. Why? Because Singapore banned chewing any gum in the year 1992. Not just the one who is chewing it, anyone selling, importing, or even making gum will be fined in the city. However, nicotine gums and dental gums are an exception.

French swimsuit rule

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Boys, you can only wear fitted trunks.

How fun it is to be on a beach or at a poolside and enjoy the water? But all the men out there if you’re planning to visit France, you need to leave those loose trunks at home. Well, yes. A weird law in France states that men are not supposed to wear loose trunks when they are on a beach, swimming pool, or even at any public place. Board shorts, the French-favourite speedos, or any other type of swimwear is not allowed. Wearing fitted trunks is mandatory at every place where a swimsuit is required as attire.

Shirtless men not allowed, Barcelona

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No matter how hot the weather or your abs are, you can’t roam around without a shirt.

No matter how hot the weather or your abs are, no man in Barcelona is allowed to walk without a shirt. This was done by the lawmakers to reduce the crowd on the Barcelona streets, who are going to the beach. This law on the Mediterranean disabled people to roam in a swimsuit in public other than a swimming pool or a beach. The law passed in the year of 2011, fines everyone walking on the street half-naked.

No swearing, UAE

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People with potty mouths should think twice before planning a visit UAE.

Those who think using the F word is just another common thing, do you know you could get fined, jailed or even deported if you were in UAE? Here we are telling you this. In the Muslim United Arab Emirates, under article 373 of the UAE Penal Code, swearing, or using any offensive word is not allowed as it ‘disgraces the honor or the modesty of a person. Not just this, but any physical gesture which is indecent, or inappropriate text also comes under the same law. So, people with dirty mouths be careful when you visit the place.

No lacy undergarment, Russia

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While women like to wear fancy lingerie, Russian women are not allowed. 

Wearing sexy lingerie is liked by every woman. But sorry ladies, Russia is a country that won’t allow you to wear anything lacy under your clothes and this goes for the gents too. According to a 2014 law in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, people must wear an undergarment that is made with a minimum of 6 percent of cotton, and anything lacy is a complete no-no. Well, this is because Russia claims it to be healthy and safe in terms of hygiene. When this law came into action, women protested but nothing changed. However, how they will know if someone is wearing a lacy undergarment or not is a different subject.

Just one glass of wine for married women, Bolivia

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Girls, what do you think about this law?

In the 21st century, according to a bizarre law in Bolivia, South America states that married women in the country are not allowed to drink more than just a glass of wine. Does that even make sense? Single ladies on the other hand are allowed to drink up. This sexist law is a result of a belief that drinking alcohol increases the chances of a woman becoming immortal. Single ladies, when are you gulping that whole bottle of wine?



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