Scent Tackular!

Are You Someone Who Is Obsessed With Scented Creams? This Is What You Need To Stop And Read Before Buying!

Gen Z and beauty products have an unconventional relationship. This generation is on the lookout for creativity and never shies away from experimenting. They are more likely to buy unconventional and ‘strange’ beauty products as compared to older generations. But they also want the behind- the-scenes action and want full transparency when it comes to them accepting any beauty product. For them authenticity is ‘cool’ and is something they expect from beauty brands. So, Gen-Z, we recommend this brand for scents but not when it comes to beauty. This time, we are reviewing Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Body Cream that has a scent you won’t be craving for! 

This hydrating scented body cream smells like plastic or rubber which can make you question yourself! Undoubtedly the perfume has a mesmerising scent, but if you are hoping to get the same results as that of the perfume in this cream, you will get your hopes down. As the brand has mentioned, it’s scented with the Baccarat Rouge 540, but actually the cream’s scent can’t compare to the perfume to the slightest. In fact, with a strange lingering unpleasant smell like that of a cheap body cream or a baby lotion, it can be a wrong choice to make.

Scent tackular!

It is not only the scent, but there are some more facts that will make you question its sustainability. Having a poor longevity, you can’t trust it for staying on your skin for long hours, instead it’ll make your skin dry almost as soon as you apply it. Packaging rightly enhances the beauty products and makes it luxurious, but sorry folks not this one! The packaging is inconvenient as the square shape of the bottle makes it harder to Use. The lotion doesn’t come out easily because of its clogging cover.

We know hiding away isn’t easy from the Gen-Z as they are savvy and knowledgeable shoppers who value product efficacy above all. So, let’s skip to the good part by getting the perfume instead of the cream!




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