How to Make The Perfect Sangria, Here’s a Guide for You

Transform your dull glass of wine into something magical by adding some super interesting ingredients. Wondering what they are? Read on to find out!

Owing to its origin in the land of Spain, Sangria is probably the most famous wine cocktail in a lot of countries. This drink has successfully learned the secret to turning your regular white or red wine into something everyone can enjoy. A glass of Sangria not only contains the said ingredients but also a bundle of joy and memories of happy times. Did you know that the history of sangria can be traced back to 200 BC? Such is the legacy left behind by this Spanish drink. If you want to taste this legendary drink, all you need to do is follow the recipe below and join the party!

classic sangria

Classic Sangaria

Sangaria is probably the most common wine cocktail ever known while it still doesn’t compromise on taste. It is fruity and fancy and full of joy. The best part? It takes only 10 mins of your time. Let’s dive into its recipe!


An AP Wine Glass

Apples, oranges, mint & fruits according to your choice

75ml Red Wine

15ml Orange Wine 

7Up to top it

Mint Sprigs


Step 1: Cut the fruits you have chosen into small pieces of your preferred shape.

Step 2: Soak these fruits in Orange wine for a few minutes

Step 3: Add the cut fruits to the AP Glass

Step 4: Pour in the Red Wine and Orange Wine.

Step 5: Add ice and top it with 7Up/Sprite.

Step 6: Garnish your drink with fresh mint and enjoy!



  1. An interesting thing about sangria is that you can choose the fruits you want to add. To have your personalised taste, try adding your favourite fruits instead of sticking to the classics. 
  2. If you pour softer fruits like melon or berries, add them right before you are going to serve. This won’t disturb their texture or make them mushy and you can enjoy the little crunchiness that such fruits have to offer. 
  3. To top your sangria drink, you can use any other drink instead of 7Up or sprite as well. Add a drink that goes with your taste yet maintains the delicacy of a Sangria. 

With this refreshing yet tasty wine cocktail, you’ll surely feel at the top of the world. Try it today!



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