Social Media Influencer Kusha Kapila Parted Her Ways from Her Husband After 6 Years of Marriage

On Monday, Kusha Kapila announced her separation from her husband through Social Media posts, which Shocked everyone. Read Out

Social Media Influencer, Fashion Editor & Content Creator Kusha Kapila is always been in the headlines, sometimes for her comedy videos and sometimes for her debut in Cannes 2023. But this time, she is a matter of news because of her personal life.

Kusha Kapila, a social media influencer who is now an actor too, announced her separation from her husband Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia in a post on Monday. This news shocked everyone because many times they were seen sharing lovely moments together.

Kusha Kapila







Both Kusha and Zorawar are digital creators and both shared this news together on their Social Media Platforms. The post can be read as Zorawar and I have mutually decided to part ways. By no means has this been a simple choice, but at this time in our lives, we are confident that it is the correct one. The life and love we have experienced together still mean the world to us, but tragically, our current aspirations for ourselves don’t coincide. We gave it everything we had till we could no longer.

The post continues, A relationship ending is heartbreaking and it’s been a tough ordeal for us and our families. Fortunately, we have had some time to reflect on this, but what we created and enjoyed together was a failure for more than ten years. To go on to the next stage of our lives, we still need a great deal of time and healing. Our current priority is to get through this time with each other in a spirit of love, respect, and support.

Kusha Kapila







She also mentioned her pet in the post: We will continue to co-parent the love of our lives, Maya. And continue to be each other’s cheerleaders and pillars of support. Immediately after announcing the separation news, both, Kusha Kapila and Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia turned off their comments section to avoid any kind of negativity related to their personal lives.

After dating each other for years, Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia and Kusha Kapila got married in 2017. She was always open about her relationship and married life. She also shared the story of her love story on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

Amid the news of their separation, Kusha’s first wedding anniversary post dedicated to Zorawar Ahluwalia is going viral in which she also shared a couple of photos from their wedding rituals, wedding receptions, and wedding photoshoots.

Kusha Kapila







On the work front, Kusha Kapila started her career as an Influencer and later she has done multiple Shows and Films. She was seen in Masaba Masaba 2 (2022), Ghost Stories (2020), Plan A Plan B (2022), Sefiee (2023), Case Toh Banta Hain (2022), and Minus One: New Chapter (2023) apart from her YouTube Career. Recently, Kusha debuted at Cannes Film Festival 2023. She is currently living in Mumbai, to pursue acting as her full-time career.



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