The O.G: Macallan 1926 Fine & Rare!

For some whiskey is liquid sunshine and to add to that stimulation we have brought the world’s most expensive whiskey which is now breaking records. Read on!

There is a saying, “What whiskey can’t cure, there is no cure for.” Well, we find it quite appropriate and have brought to you a 60 years old whiskey-breaking record for years now. For those who like the expensive taste and premium quality, they are just going to love this one, the Macallan 1926 Fine and Rare. Any whiskey enthusiast who holds a collection of such limited offerings might be aware of the “Macallan’s Fine and Rare collection.” This whiskey is the most expensive bottle sold at auctions and therefore ended up making a world record.

From designs to the richness in taste, this bottle desires to be a part of every whiskey collector’s barrel. The first release of this fine and rare whiskey was a 1926 Vintage that only produced 40 bottles. 12 bottles out of these were designed by Sir Peter Blake and another dozen bottles were drafted by Italian graphic artist Valerio Adami. The remaining 14 bottles were later delighted by Fine and Rare labels and are considered as the oldest in age and series, which were then up for auction. The Macallan is also certified as the most valuable whiskey in the world. This bottle is drawn from cask 236, to reveal an exciting fact, some theories believe one bottle from this cask has been consumed. Another intriguing fact about Macallan is that this scotch distillery owns its Master of Wood which makes the process 10 times more expensive than most oak barrel production.


Talking about the brand’s taste and ingredients factor, Macallan’s whiskey doesn’t use any artificial color or caramel coloring or anything artificial, this whiskey is all-natural that you’ll find. One can also opt for the Macallan 10-year-old, it is another popular starter scotch best for people who are more outspoken, adventurous, and happening than those who sit back in their armchair with their scotch.

Price: approx ?47,68,125



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